Eight walls and three loading docks on the exterior of Yoho Studios have a brand-new look. Described by the artist as New Earth Hieroglyphs, the art brings Michael Cuomo’s distinctly abstract, black and white spiritual aesthetic into the public sphere. Upon viewing it, I had a few questions for Michael:

How did this wonderful opportunity to share your particular aesthetic in a public space come your way?

I was granted permission by Heights Real Estate and Yonkers Arts, an organization that has been promoting and encouraging artistic ventures in the City of Yonkers.

You are a master of many different styles and techniques. How did you decide on this particular composition?

I wanted to share the power of high vibrational frequency that these designs offer. I am honored to be able to present my artwork to the community on a main street, 578-540 Nepperhan Avenue, where thousands pass daily.

How have folks responded to it?

They love it. While I was painting, many stopped by to chat. Others honked their horns from their cars, and gave me a thumbs up! The response has been thoroughly positive.

You work mostly in your studio. What has it been like to change your working environment to an outdoor one?

I love working in both settings. But I love the interaction with others that best happens in public spaces.

How do you feel about the final product?

I’m enthralled!

What’s ahead?

In addition to my studio work, I’d love to find more opportunities to paint outdoors.

How can folks best contact you?

They can drop me an email at michaelcuomoart@gmail.com. Or they can send a direct message to my Instagram account.

Great! And we’re looking forward to seeing more of your work on the streets!

Interview conducted and edited by Lois Stavsky

Photos 1, 2 & 3 courtesy of the artist; 4 & 5 Lois Stavsky

Note: An earlier version of this interview — with additional photos by Fawn Phillips — first appeared here.



Working with a motley range of discarded objects, Yonkers-based interdisciplinary artist Michael Cuomo repurposes them into masks that he calls Heads of State. Exhibited in both outdoor and indoor spaces, his unique sculpture assemblages provoke and entertain. This past week, some of his newest smaller masks made their way onto the Yonkers Waterfront.





Installation in Progress


A master of neo-primitive folk art in all media, Michael Cuomo recently released a coloring book with his original soulfakes drawings. You can purchase it here.


Photos by Richie DiFrisco



A master of form, composition and color, German artist Claudia “MadC” Walde fashions luscious artworks that surface both on public spaces and in galleries world-wide. Her current exhibit Bits and Pieces at WallWorks NY remains on view through June 2.  Here are a few images:

1700Acrylic, watercolor and spray paint on canvas


2035Acrylic, watercolor and spray paint on canvas


1126, Acrylic, watercolor and spray paint on canvas


1342Acrylic, watercolor and spray paint on canvas


1149, Acrylic, watercolor and spray paint on canvas


Wide View


WallWorks NY is located at 39 Bruckner Blvd in the Bronx, just a few minutes away from Manhattan.

Photo credits: 1 Sara C Mozeson; 2, 4, 6 & 7 Tara Murray; 3 Lois Stavsky; 5 City-As-School intern Diana Davidova


Huge fans of Michael Cuomo‘s street and subway interventions, we were delighted to visit his studio as he was getting ready for YOHO Artists Open Studio, in addition to a WallWorks NY pop-up show and a solo exhibit at Art Cafe in Brooklyn. Here’s a sampling of what we saw:

Lucky, fashioned from found objects


Big Mouth, fashioned from found objects




The Tempest




Note: Michael Cuomo’s studio is located at 578 Nepperhan Ave., Suite 505; Wall Works NY’s pop-up show — featuring a wondrous array of artists including Nick Walker, Tats Cru and Crash — opens tonight and continues through the weekend at 28 Wells Street, 2nd floor. And Michael’s solo exhibit at Art Cafe opens May 6 from 6-9 at 886 Pacific Street in Brooklyn.


Photo credits: 1, 3-5 Lois Stavsky; 2. City-As-School intern Diana Davidova; YoHo Open Studio graphic designed by John Wujcik

You can check out a detailed schedule of what’s happening this weekend in Yonkers — including live painting by Crash, Fumero and Damien Mitchell — here.



In celebration of Yonkers Arts Weekend beginning tomorrow, May 1, and continuing through Sunday, May 3, several new murals will grace Downtown Yonkers. Among these is the wonderfully vibrant one curated by Wall Works NY. Here are a few more images we captured on a brilliantly sunny day earlier this week:

John Paul O’Grodnick and Crash at work


Daze beneath his “eye” with Nicer, Tats Cru — to his left — at work


Nicer, BG183, Bio Tats Cru and Daze 


Posing for a final shot


A perfect tribute to the revitalization of Downtown Yonkers, the mural is located at 45 Main Street near Getty Square and Broadway.

Note: Standing in the first photo are John Paul O’GrodnickCrash and BR163

Photo credits: 1 & 4 Lois Stavsky; 2, 3 & 5 City-As-School intern Diana Davidova


"Nick Walker"

As a kick-off to a mural program that will involve Street Art 101 classes and workshops, legendary UK-based artist Nick Walker recently completed a series of seven artworks in Downtown Yonkers. In an array of spaces – from a courtyard in the historic Downtown to a nearby rooftop — Nick Walker’s signature vandal can be found, along with the first public appearance of “Les Enfants Terribles.”  Here are a few more images.

Nick Walker at work

"Nick Walker"

Nick’s iconic vandal

"Nick Walker"

And one of its many variations

"Nick Walker"

With a message from Nick


Nick signs yet another variation of his iconic vandal


And graces Yonkers with the first public view of “Les Enfants Terribles”   

Nick-Walker-stencil-art-with child-yonkers-NY

In this initiative, managed by local nonprofit, Community Engagement Through the Arts, a team of youth will be assembled to maintain the murals that invited guest artists create in public spaces. Plans are, also, underway for a possible collaboration between the City of Yonkers and the Bushwick Collective.

Photo credit: @fafafooie