Stencil Art Master Nick Walker Kicks Off Yonkers Mural Project

September 26, 2014

"Nick Walker"

As a kick-off to a mural program that will involve Street Art 101 classes and workshops, legendary UK-based artist Nick Walker recently completed a series of seven artworks in Downtown Yonkers. In an array of spaces – from a courtyard in the historic Downtown to a nearby rooftop — Nick Walker’s signature vandal can be found, along with the first public appearance of “Les Enfants Terribles.”  Here are a few more images.

Nick Walker at work

"Nick Walker"

Nick’s iconic vandal

"Nick Walker"

And one of its many variations

"Nick Walker"

With a message from Nick


Nick signs yet another variation of his iconic vandal


And graces Yonkers with the first public view of “Les Enfants Terribles”   

Nick-Walker-stencil-art-with child-yonkers-NY

In this initiative, managed by local nonprofit, Community Engagement Through the Arts, a team of youth will be assembled to maintain the murals that invited guest artists create in public spaces. Plans are, also, underway for a possible collaboration between the City of Yonkers and the Bushwick Collective.

Photo credit: @fafafooie

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