Centre-Fuge Public Art Project

It’s been a busy past few days on East First Street in the East Village, as eight artists have been refashioning the now-famous trailer just outside the First Street Green Park. Here are a few images captured from Centre-fuge Public Art Project‘s tenth cycle:

Brooklyn-based brothers Willow and Swil


Los Angeles-based artist CS-Navarrete at work



Amanda Hurn aka Miishab at work


Brooklyn-based artists Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett at work


And their completed piece

Nicole-Salgar-and Chuck Berrett-Centre-fugeNYC

Australia-native Damien Mitchell at work

Damien Mitchell

And his completed piece

Damien Mitchell

The prolific Long Island-based Phetus at work


Photos of CS-Navarette at work, image 2; Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett’s completed piece and Damien Mitchell’s completed work by Dani Reyes Mozeson; photos of Willow & Swil; Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett at work, Damien Mitchell at work and Phetus at work by Tara Murray; photos of CS-Navarrete at work, image 1 and Miishab at work by City-as-School intern Kali Norris


Damien Miksza, Cern and QRST

The once-abandoned trailer on East 1st Street off 1st Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village has once again been transformed into an intriguing canvas of urban art. Here are a few images we captured these past few days from Cycle 9 of the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project.

Cern at work


Cern, close-up


Damien Miksza at work

Damien Miksza

QRST at work


Cassie Lynn O’Neal at work

Cassie Lynn O’Neal

 Cake — close-up


Caroline Caldwell at work

Caroline Caldwell

Royce Bannon at work on collaborative piece with Korn

Royce Bannon and Korn

The curatorial vision of Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Nevillethe Centre-Fuge Public Art Project was conceived in 2011 in memory of Mike Hamm.  Submissions to Cycle 10 — due by August 26th — can be sent to centrefuge@gmail.com. Keep posted to our Facebook page for more images from Cycle 9

All photos by Tara Murray, except for final photo by Lois Stavsky.


In partnership with the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival, Centre-fuge’s Cycle 8, Influx in Flux, expanded to include additional containers on East 1st Street, along with wide panels inside the First Street Green Park. Here are a few images captured this past week:

Italian artist Federico Massa aka Cruz at work


Brooklyn-based Elle at work


Brooklyn native Mor at work


Brooklyn-based ND’A


Simply signed “Exit”


Veteran graffiti master Demer at work


The legendary Claw Money at work

Claw Money

NYC-based painter and musician Yuri Velez at work

Yuri Velez

Noted painter and sculptor Ray Smith

Ray Smith

Puerto Rican native Sofia Maldonado at work 

Sofia Maldonado

The young, talented members of Cre8tive YouTH*ink at work 

Cre8tive YouTH*ink

Recently cited in TimeOut New York as one of NYC’s Top Spots for Street Art, the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, under the curatorial vision of Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville, is committed to transforming transitional spaces and construction sites in New York City into public works of art. To assist the Centre-fuge Public Art Project with funds needed to continue and expand their project, check out its Indiegogo campaign.

Keep posted to our Facebook page for additional images of artwork by Sheryo, The Yok, Cram Concepts and more.

Photos by Lenny Collado, Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky


We returned this week to one of our favorite East Village spots — East First Street off First Avenue — where a once-abandoned trailer now boasts a range of crisp, expressive images. With Cycle 7 now complete, this is what we captured:

Matthew Denton Burrows

Matthew Denton Borrows



Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato

Joseph Meloy and Nicholai Khan 

Joseph Meloy and Nicholai Khan



The current installation will remain through May. Submissions for Cycle 8 are due by April 1 and can be submitted to Centrefuge@gmail.com, Images of Cycle 7 in progress can be seen here.

Photos by Dani Mozeson & Tara Murray


Joseph Meloy & Nicholai Khan

East First Street near First Avenue in the East Village/Lower East Side is the place to be this week as the Centre-fuge Public Art Project begins its second year of transforming a once-abandoned trailer into a showcase of urban art. These images of works-in-progress were captured yesterday:

NYC native Joseph Meloy at work on his distinct post-graffiti style that he labels Vandal Expressionism

Joseph Meloy

Queens-based Nicholai Khan fashions a school bus as tribute to NYC’s striking school bus drivers

Nicholai Khan

Brooklyn-based Hellbent with his enchanting geometric rhythms 

Hellbent for Centre-fuge

Peeking into Hellbents’s black book

Hellbent black book

Graphic artist Matthew Denton Burrows conceives an intriguing character

Matthew Denton Burrows

Hellbent and Matthew Denton Burrows side by side

Hellbent and Matthew Burrows for Centre-fuge Public Art Project

Japanese painter and muralist Yuki brings her graceful aesthetic to the scene

Yuki for Centre-fuge

The wonderfully talented Joe Iurato will be on board tomorrow.  StreetArtNYC will feature images of the completed trailer next week.

The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project was conceived in 2011 by First Street residents Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville in memory of their friend, Mike Hamm.

Photos by Tara Murray

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The once-abandoned trailer on East First Street off First Avenue in Manhattan has been transformed once again.  With assistance from the young members of Cre8tive YouTH*ink, a creative arts youth development organization, it currently showcases a vibrant mix of styles from over 20 artists who had participated in the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project‘s first five cycles. The following images were captured these past four days:

Iranian artists Icy and Sot at work

Icy and Sot

Beau, Icy and Sot and Samuel Ashford

Icy and Sot, close-up

Icy and Sot

 Brooklyn-based artist Samuel Ashford, close-up

Samuel Ashford street art

 Jerry Otero aka Mista Oh,  founder of cre8tive YouTH*ink, Moise Joseph of cre8tive YouTH*ink and Cram Concepts

"Centre -Fuge Public Art Project"

See One and Yuri Valez at work

"See One and Yuri Valez"

Baltimore-based Billy Mode, Jose Aurelio-Baez, See-One, Yuri Valez & photographers Kenny Rodriguez & Osvaldo Jimenez

"Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

Billy Mode and Jose Aurelio-Baez, close-up 

"Billy Mode and Jose Aurelio-Baez"

The Muffin Man, Zera at work, DMZL and Dr. Whom

"Centre-Fuge Public Art Project"

Optimo Primo


Never street art

Danielle Mastrion, Michael DeNicola, Lexi Bella and Fumero

"Centre-Fuge Public Art Project"

Centre-Fuge Public Art Project founders and First Street residents Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville have announced that Cycle 7 submissions are due by 12/31.  They may be sent to centrefuge@gmail.com.  We are looking forward to another year of energetic public art on East 1st Street, dedicated to the memory of former East Village resident Mike Hamm.

Top image: NOIDone, Veng RWK, Cram Concepts, Chris RWK, Mastro, Never, Samuel Ashford, Icy and Sot, BEAU and Adam Kidder; photos by Lenny Collado, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky


"Icy and Sot, Chris and Veng, RWK, and ND'A and OverUndeer street art"

The East Village was the place to be this past weekend as the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project was at it again — transforming a once-abandoned trailer into a masterpiece of urban art.  Here are some images from Cycle 5 captured over the weekend on East First Street off First Avenue:

Brooklyn-based ND’A at work

"ND'A street art action"

Completed piece with OverUnder

ND'A and OverUnder street art

NYC’s prolific Chris and Veng, RWK at work

"Chris and Veng, RWK street art"


"Chris and Veng, RWK close-up"

Iranian brothers Icy & Sot at work

"Icy and Sot stencil art"

Close-up from completed piece

"Icy and Sot stencil art"

Baltimore-native Billy Mode

"Billy Mode street art"

The legendary Cost and Brooklyn-based Enx at work

"Cost and Enx street art"

Completed piece

"Cost & Enx street art"

Brooklyn-based Jose-Aurelio Baez & Ponce, Puerto Rico native Noidone at work

NYC native See One

"See One street art"

Photos by Lenny Collado, Tara Murray and City-as-School intern Hallie Lederer


"The Yok and Sheryo"

The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project has again transformed a once-abandoned trailer into one of the East Village’s most enticing visual works. Here are some images from Cycle 4 that can be seen on East First Street off First Avenue.

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