Eight Artists Refashion First Street Trailer for Centre-fuge Public Art Project Cycle 10: Willow & Swil, CS-Navarette, Miishab, Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett, Damien Mitchell and Phetus

September 24, 2013

It’s been a busy past few days on East First Street in the East Village, as eight artists have been refashioning the now-famous trailer just outside the First Street Green Park. Here are a few images captured from Centre-fuge Public Art Project‘s tenth cycle:

Brooklyn-based brothers Willow and Swil


Los Angeles-based artist CS-Navarrete at work



Amanda Hurn aka Miishab at work


Brooklyn-based artists Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett at work


And their completed piece

Nicole-Salgar-and Chuck Berrett-Centre-fugeNYC

Australia-native Damien Mitchell at work

Damien Mitchell

And his completed piece

Damien Mitchell

The prolific Long Island-based Phetus at work


Photos of CS-Navarette at work, image 2; Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett’s completed piece and Damien Mitchell’s completed work by Dani Reyes Mozeson; photos of Willow & Swil; Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett at work, Damien Mitchell at work and Phetus at work by Tara Murray; photos of CS-Navarrete at work, image 1 and Miishab at work by City-as-School intern Kali Norris

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