Centre-Fuge Public Art Project — Cycle 4 with Sheryo & the Yok, Lexi Bella, Deps1, Never, Beau, Adam Kidder, the Muffin Man & Zera

July 24, 2012

"The Yok and Sheryo"

The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project has again transformed a once-abandoned trailer into one of the East Village’s most enticing visual works. Here are some images from Cycle 4 that can be seen on East First Street off First Avenue.

Singapore’s Sheryo and Down Under’s the Yok — both currently based in Brooklyn

"Sheryo for Centre-Fuge Public Art Project"

"Yok street art"

 Lower East Side-based fine artist Lexi Bella

"Lexi Bella"

"Lexi Bella for Centre-Fuge"

Native New Jersey painter Carson DeYoung aka Deps1

"Deps1 for Centre Fuge Public Art Project"

Brooklyn-based painter and graphic designer Never

"Never street art"

East Village-based multi-media artist Beau

"Beau for Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

"Beau for Centre-fuge"

 New York City-based illustrator and muralist Adam Kidder

"Adam Kidder for Centre Fuge"

"Adam Kidder street art"

New York City’s infamous Muffin Man working in collaboration with Brooklyn-based visual artist Zera

"Muffin Man for Centre-fuge"

"Zera for centre-fuge"

Photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

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