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The windows of NYU’s Kimmel Center are now home to a wide range of street art and graffiti artworks. Presented in partnership with 3rd Culture Creative, a cutting-edge media development company, ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL showcases the distinct aesthetic of 15 artists whose works have surfaced on our streets. I recently had the opportunity to speak to its principal curator Pamela Jean Tinnen — who for the past five years has curated New York University’s Kimmel Galleries.


I’m always delighted when universities embrace street art. Can you tell us something about how this project came to be? What might have prompted it?

Yes! Awhile back I went on a street art tour of the Bushwick Collective, conducted by one of my colleagues, Izzy Church. I loved what I saw, and I soon began researching street art. An exhibit featuring street art became a passion project of mine, and the Kimmel Windows Gallery seemed like the ideal site to showcase public art, particularly during the summer months.


Exhibiting works by street artists and graffiti writers in a public space – that can be seen by everyone — is certainly a cool notion! Are there any other particular concepts underlying this exhibit?

Yes. Placing works of street art behind a glass wall also hints at the monetary value of the artworks by those street artists who have achieved mainstream success.

Cost-and-Enx-NYU windows

How did you and your co-curators — Izzy Church and Marten Kale —  decide which artists to include?

We reached out to our favorite artists, and several of the other artists reached out to us.

Did you encounter any unanticipated challenges in seeing it through?

The unconventional nature of the artworks demanded careful attention to their placement in this particular setting.


I think it looks great! Each window is engaging. How has the response to it been?

The response has been wonderful. I’ve received so many positive messages, particularly from my colleagues.

Until when will it remain on view?

 It has been extended through September 12th.  And during these next few weeks, be prepared for some surprises as we make some changes in the windows! A closing event will be held on Saturday, September 10th from 7:30 – 10pm in the Grand Hall at NYU Global Center, 238 Thompson Street, 5th Floor. There will be art, music and a cash bar.

It all sounds great! 



1. Francisco de Pájaro aka  Art Is Trash

2. Gilf!, Iena Cruz and Cope2 with Indie

3. Ron English

4. Cost and Enx

5. Richard Hambleton

Located on Laguardia and West 3rd St, Kimmel Windows also features: John Fekner, ASVP, Lady Pink, Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, Fumero, Raquel Echanique, Federico Massa a.k.a. Iena Cruz, B.D. White, Joe Iurato, Martian Code and Skewville.

Photo credits: 1-4 Lois Stavsky; 5 courtesy Woodward Gallery; interview by Lois Stavsky


The following post is by Houda Lazrak, a contributor to StreetArtNYC and an M.A. candidate in Museum Studies at NYU:

Beau-Stanton street-art-rome

The MURo Project, the Museum of Urban Art of Rome, is a mural initiative whose goal is to rejuvenate the streets of the largely working-class Quadrado neighborhood on the Eastern outskirts of Rome. Artists who have beautified the district include local, as well as international, ones. By referencing a map available online on MURo’s website, I navigated through the streets and found several of these works in hidden and unexpected locations. What follows are a few:

Kazakhstan native Dilka Bear


Italian artist Maupal


New York-based Ron English


French artist Veks Van Hillik 


Rome-based Mr. Thoms




Note: First image features New York-based Beau Stanton.

All photos by Houda Lazrak

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Earlier this month, the LoMan Art Festival brought not only live art by a wonderfully diverse range of artists to Downtown Manhattan, but also a series of workshops, performances and events. And even though the festival has officially ended, mammoth murals continue to surface on our streets. Here are a few scenes from it all:

Another close-up from Buff Monster‘s huge mural


Beau Stanton at work on mammoth mural on East Third Street


 French artist Ludo in the East Village


Dain and Montreal-based artist Stikki Peaches


JCorp at the Social Sticker Club‘s installation inside the Mulberry Street lot during the festival


Ron English with assistance from Solus standing to his right


JPO and B.D. White, one of many collaborations spotted along Mulberry Street


Leon Reid,  alongside murals by Team Crash — John Matos, Ananda Nahu and Izolag — and Team BIO — Bio, Nicer and Binho — for the Secret Walls Illustration Battle


Keep posted to the StreetArtNYC Facebook page for more images of the works that have surfaced and continue to do so in Downtown Manhattan through the efforts of the LISA Project

Photo credits: 1, 3, 5, 6 & 9 Dani Reyes Mozeson; 2 & 4 Tara Murray; 7 Rey Rosa Photography / The LoMan Art Festival and 8 Lois Stavsky

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The following post is by Houda Lazrak, a contributor to StreetArtNYC and an M.A. candidate in Museum Studies at NYU.


In coordination with the street art festival JIDAR Toiles de Rue, the recently opened Museum Mohamed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat, Morocco is currently hosting the exhibit Main Street. Curated by Nicolas Couturieux, it features original artworks and installations from a range of celebrated local and international artists.

Also by C215 from France who drew his inspiration from the people of Morocco


German native Case Maclaim


French artist Tilt — inspired by a Moroccan motorcycle


New York-based Ron English

"Ron Rnglish"

Moroccan artist Simo Mouhim


Toulouse, France native Miss Van


The exhibit continues through December in the museum’s lower level.

All photos by Houda Lazrak



Yesterday famed artist Ron English brought his vision to the legendary wall on Bowery and Houston. We are thrilled that this space is once again serving as Downtown Manhattan’s most exhilarating, rotating, outdoor canvas.

The artist and his mural — to be further enhanced — featuring his iconic Temper Tot and his take on the American flag


Ron English‘s wonderfully sardonic commentary on it all


Another close-up


Note: Ron English continues to work on his mural on Houston and Bowery; he is to begin painting it today, further enhancing his amazing work!

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson

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