Honoring Patti Astor, the Queen of the Downtown Scene: Meres, LA2, Dezo, Shiro, Al Ruiz, Stash, Delta2, Matthew A. Eller & More

June 25, 2024

On the weekend of June 15, First Street Green Art Park was home to dozens of legendary artists, first-rate photographers, and graffiti aficionados as they came together to pay tribute to Fun Gallery co-founder Patti Astor, who had passed away in April. The first art gallery in Manhattan’s East Village to feature the works of such noted artists as Futura 2000, Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fun Gallery ran out of a small storefront  but had enormous impact.

The mural featured above was painted by 5POINTZ founder and the wonderfully versatile artist Meres One. Several more images captured last week in this event curated by Kate Storch, Jimmy NYC and Crime79 follow:

Lower East Side native and former Keith Haring collaborator Angel Ortiz aka LA2

Veteran writer Dezo, TC5 with Kate Storch on left

The prolific Japanese writer, muralist and designer Shiro One

Uptown-based designer, painter and muralist Al Ruiz

The legendary graffiti pioneer Stash

 Veteran East Harlem-native writer and painter Delta2

NYC-based photographer Matthew A Eller, Segment from larger wall of photos featuring Patti Astor in a range of settings

Photos: Lois Stavsky

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