At the Bushwick Collective, Part II: Patrick Kane McGergor, Chris Haven, Nate Dee, Candy Kuo, Wade Indeed, Enzo, Robert Vargas & Corey Pane

June 17, 2024

The 13th Annual ¬†Bushwick Collective¬†Block Party brought a wonderfully diverse array of local, national and global artists to Brooklyn’s iconic outdoor gallery. The huge, beguiling dog featured above was painted by Denver-based Patrick Kane McGergor against a deftly-executed cityscape crafted by multidisciplinary artist Chris Haven.

In this Part II of At the Bushwick Collective are several more images of artworks that have surfaced this month at the Bushwick Collective, curated by its founder, Joe Ficalora.

Miami-based Nate Dee, “Brooklyn Trogon”

Austin, Texas-based Taiwanese-American artist Candy Kuo at work on mural in collaboration with Wade Indeed

Completed mural by Austin, Texas-based artists Candy Kuo and Wade Indeed

French artist Enzo Yurrebaso, segment of captivating mural

Los Angeles-based Robert Vargas, segment of huge powerful mural at the intersection of Wycoff and Troutman

Connecticut-based Corey Pane, Portrait of wife, Kailah King, and baby daughter

Photos of artworks: Lois Stavsky

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