Spanish Artists Txemy and Muro Bring “Universal Weapons” to Bushwick’s Exit Room NY through May 27

May 23, 2014


Barcelona-based Txemy creates innovative, colorful images composed with lively lines and strokes.  Muro is best-known for his fanciful characters — in a variety of uncanny situations — that make their way onto city walls. The current exhibit — “Universal Weapons” at Exit Room NY — features a range of intriguing work from both Spanish artists, including some beguiling collaborations. Here’s a sampling:

 Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper


Txemy, Tiro al Aire, Spray paint on paper


Muro, Alphabet “H,” Mixed media on paper


Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper

"Txemy and Muro"

 Txemy, Weapons, Spraypaint on paper


Final photo by Rachel Fawn Alban; all others by Lois Stavsky; image on Exit Room door by Icy & Sot. 

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