A non-profit arts organization that creates opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talents and share them with others, HKwalls recently held its sixth annual street art festival — in collaboration with Design District HK — in Wan Chai, HK. With sponsorship from Vans — along with other brands including the environmentally-friendly eicó paint — live painting, arts workshops, exhibitions and guided street art tours took place from March 23-31.

The delightfully playful image pictured above was painted by Richmond-based artist Wingchow. Following are several more images of artworks that surfaced largely during HKwalls 2019 — all captured by travel and street photographer Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad.

French artist Tim Marsh, segment of larger mural painted this past fall, organized by L’Epicerie Fine HK; tram painted by Tim Marsh for HKwalls 2019 here

UK-based Insa

Chinese crew KwanClansegment of larger mural

Berlin/Hamburg based duo Low Bros

Montreal-based artist Fluke to the left of his stunning mural

Canadian artist Priscilla Yu

Spanish artist Muro at work

Photos by Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad

Note: Hailed in a range of media from WideWalls to the Huffington Post to the New York Times, our Street Art NYC App is now available for Android devices here.

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POW! WOW!, an international art movement that celebrates culture, music and art in cities throughout the globe, recently returned to Washington DC’s NoMa neighborhood. While down in DC last week, I had the opportunity to check out several recent murals. Pictured above is by Brooklyn-based Mexican artist Ricardo Gonzalez aka It’s a Living. What follows are a few more images I captured:

Spanish artist Muro, segment of larger mural


DC-based Juan Pinada aka CRI


 Hawaii-based Kaplan Bunce aka Kapache1


LA-based Mark Paul Deren aka Madsteez


DC-based Martin Swift, captured near completion


DC-based Mas Paz at work


DC-based Miss Che Love at work


Arlington-based KeyHan, one segment of huge mural


Among this year’s man sponsors were: the NoMa BID, neighborhood real estate developers Skanska and Folger-Pratt, Whole Foods and Montana Cans.

Photos by Lois Stavsky

Note: Hailed in a range of media from Wide Walls to the Huffington Post to the New York Times, our Street Art NYC App is now available for Android devices here.

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The walls along Meserole and Waterbury in Bushwick and on and near Borinquen Place in Williamsburg have become canvases for an extraordinary array of magical murals. They are among the highlights of the Juicy Brooklyn Art Festival launched by Exit Room. Here’s a sampling:

Spain-based Muro and Txemy


Chilean artist Dasic Fernández


Mexican artist Werc


Bogota-based Stinkfish


Argentinian artist Ever at work with Zio Ziegler


Close-up from huge collaborative mural by Puerto Rican artists Rimx, SON and Ricardo Cabret

"Rimx, Son and Ricardo Cabret"

Mexican artist Marka27, close-up


The Juicy Brooklyn Art Festival begins today, Thursday June 5, at 270 Meserole Street in Bushwick and continues through Saturday. Keep posted to our Facebook page for images of more magical murals that are surfacing along Meserole and Waterbury.

All photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson — except for Stinkfish by Lois Stavsky



Barcelona-based Txemy creates innovative, colorful images composed with lively lines and strokes.  Muro is best-known for his fanciful characters — in a variety of uncanny situations — that make their way onto city walls. The current exhibit — “Universal Weapons” at Exit Room NY — features a range of intriguing work from both Spanish artists, including some beguiling collaborations. Here’s a sampling:

 Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper


Txemy, Tiro al Aire, Spray paint on paper


Muro, Alphabet “H,” Mixed media on paper


Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper

"Txemy and Muro"

 Txemy, Weapons, Spraypaint on paper


Final photo by Rachel Fawn Alban; all others by Lois Stavsky; image on Exit Room door by Icy & Sot.