The Iconic Sti(c)kman in NYC

March 30, 2012

"Sti(c)kman street art in NYC"

A number of years back, a robot-like stick-figure began to migrate from the streets of Philadelphia, where it was conceived, to New York City. Little is known about its creator, who sometimes goes by the name “Bob,” other than that he’s continually devising variations of his iconic character and sharing them with us.  Sometimes stenciled onto sidewalks, other times pasted onto walls and often installed as a wooden 3-D character, Sti(c)kman maintains a consistent presence on the streets of NYC.

We first started noticing him in lower Manhattan where we were intrigued by his endless variations.

"Sti(c)kman street art in NYC"

"Sti(c)kman street art in NYC"

As street art began to surface more and more in Brooklyn, so did Sti(c)kman.

Sti(c)kman street art in NYC

"Sti(c)kman street art in Bushwick, NYC"

"Sti(c)kman street art in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC"

"Sti(c)kman street art in Brooklyn, NYC"

Yet, he has never left Manhattan where you may spot him while crossing the streets, particularly in Chelsea.

An unexpected treat is the first-rate exhibit of Sti(c)kman’s many variations now on view through April 6th at Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery.

"Sti(c)kman at Pandemic Gallery"

Photos by Dani Mozeson & Street Art NYC

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