"The Yok and Sheryo"

The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project has again transformed a once-abandoned trailer into one of the East Village’s most enticing visual works. Here are some images from Cycle 4 that can be seen on East First Street off First Avenue.

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For the third consecutive year, dozens of talented artists graced the walls of the Welling Court neighborhood of Astoria, Queens with a diverse range of images. We visited several times this past week beginning with the day before the Welling Court Mural Project, organized by Ad Hoc Art, held its official opening. On our most recent visit, we had the chance to observe and speak to neighborhood residents – all of whom expressed tremendous pride in their neighborhood’s visual landscape (and curiosity, as well, about the artists).  Here are a few images whose progress we observed:

New Jersey-based Joe Iurato aka .01

"Joe Iurato at Welling Court"

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Some artists are working alone; others are hitting the walls collaboratively. And while many are long-term NYC residents, quite a few are just passing through. Together, they are transforming Bushwick’s visual landscape. Here are a few images we caught this past week:

Flying Fortress and Most in from Germany and Austrian artist Nychos with NYC’s Chris and Veng of the Robots Will Kill collective

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"Never & Sheryo street art in NYC"

Distinct backgrounds, nationalities and styles seamlessly came together this past weekend on Bushwick’s Moore Street. Despite the fierce winds, the mood was mellow as the Yok, Sheryo and Never – all based in Brooklyn these days – graced the visual landscape of their current locale.

"Yok street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC"

After some months abroad, Australia’s Yok is back in action here in NYC with his wondrous characters.

"The Yok street art in Brooklyn, NYC"

"The Yok street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC"

Working alongside the Yok, is Singapore native Sheryo. A member of the Army of Snipers crew, she has been sharing her talents and her uncanny, oddly appealing, characters with folks around the globe for the past few years.  Currently based in Williamsburg, she recently began getting busy here in NYC.

"Sheryo street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn"

"Sheryo street art character in Brooklyn, NYC"

And adding to the cast of characters and intriguing narrative is Never’s — constantly evolving — signature owl.

"Never street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn"

"Never street art character in Bushwick NYC"

Photos by Lenny Collado and Tara Murray