Welling Court Mural Project 2012 with Joe Iurato, Toofly, Chris Cardinale, Katie Yamasaki, Flying Fortress, Sheryo & more

June 22, 2012

For the third consecutive year, dozens of talented artists graced the walls of the Welling Court neighborhood of Astoria, Queens with a diverse range of images. We visited several times this past week beginning with the day before the Welling Court Mural Project, organized by Ad Hoc Art, held its official opening. On our most recent visit, we had the chance to observe and speak to neighborhood residents – all of whom expressed tremendous pride in their neighborhood’s visual landscape (and curiosity, as well, about the artists).  Here are a few images whose progress we observed:

New Jersey-based Joe Iurato aka .01

"Joe Iurato at Welling Court"

Ecuadorian native Toofly with See One to the left of final image

"Toofly at Welling Court"

"See One & Toofly @ Welling Court"

Brooklyn-based Chris Cardinale

"Chris Cardinale at Welling Court"

"Chris Cardinale at Welling Court"

Brooklyn-based Katie Yamasaki with background by Caleb Neelon

Katie Yamasaki at Welling Court

"Katie Yamasaki and Caleb Neelon at Welling Court"

 Munich-based Flying Fortress  with Deeker, Dark Clouds, Cost and Keely in final image

"Flying Fortress at Welling Court"

"Flying Fortress and Cost"

Singapore native Sheryo with Never and The Yok in final image

"Sheryo at Welling Court"

"Sheryo, Never and ythe Yok at Welling Court"

Photos by Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky

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