The Notoriously Fearless Berlin Kidz Make Their Mark in Their City

December 3, 2017

Self-described as “100% Adrenalin,” the Berlin Kidz are notoriously known for their distinctive tags that have surfaced throughout their city since 2010. With a passion and determination — somewhat similar to São Paulo’s pixadores — they are fearless in the risks they take to get their distinct marks out on tall public spaces and moving trains. The photos featured here were captured by street art and travel photographer Karin du Maire while visiting Berlin earlier this year.

In blue and red, their primary colors — as evidenced in the following three photos:

And, occasionally, in white — if that’s what will give them visibility

While to some their work is an eyesore, to others it’s an expression of unfettered creative freedom. And for some live action: you can check out the following:

Photos by Karin du Maire

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Brian Pittman December 22, 2017 at 6:46 am

Amazing Post.


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