The following post is by Houda Lazrak, a contributor to StreetArtNYC and an M.A. candidate in Museum Studies at NYU.

Beginning on May 15th, the city of Rabat hosted JIDAR Toiles de Ruethe largest street art festival in Morocco to date. For nine days, over ten artists from across the globe — along with several local artists — endowed the historic city with marvelous, energetic large-scale murals. Launched by the non-profit organization Le Boulevard,  JIDAR Toiles de Rue is Morocco’s premiere festival of this calibre and promises other fantastic walls to follow.  Here are some of the images that I captured:

Chilean artist Inti


Spanish artist Cisco 


Moroccan artist Kalamour, close-up


Argentine artist Jaz 


Brooklyn-based Maya Hayuk

"Maya Hayuk"

Moroccan artist Simo Mouhim

"Simo Mouhim"

France-based artist Zepha, close-up


 All photos by Houda Lazrak


Alice Mizrachi, Cern, Gaia & Jaz in Long Island City. Queens

Home to graffiti and street art Mecca 5Points, LIC also hosts a number of first-rate pieces on public spaces, generally devoid of street art.  Here are a few pieces that we recently came upon.

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