The Blaze of Hackensack: Pase, Per One & Hef, Crash, Ces, Sade, Bio, Zimad, BG 183, Sonic and Part One

December 30, 2015

Produced by Sade TCM for Nasty, Neo FC, the Blaze of Hackensack has refashioned the always-brilliant graffiti walls in Hackensack, New Jersey’s famed open-air gallery. Here’s a sampling of what surfaced last month:

Bronx-based Pase


NYC artists Per One and Hef


Bronx-based John Matos aka Crash


Bronx-based Ces


The Blaze of Hackensack curator Sade TCM


Bronx-based Bio, Tats Cru


Bronx-based Zimad


Bronx-based BG 183, Tats Cru


Veteran graffiti writers Sonic and Part One, Dedicated to the Victims in Paris


Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson

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Parkallen July 4, 2023 at 8:58 am

Wow, the artwork by the Blaze of Hackensack is truly mesmerizing! I love how they’ve transformed the graffiti walls into an incredible open-air gallery. Pase’s work from the Bronx is particularly captivating. The level of talent and creativity displayed by artists like Pase, Per One & Hef, Crash, Ces, Sade, Bio, Zimad, BG 183, Sonic, and Part One is truly commendable. Each piece must have added so much vibrancy and character to the streets of Hackensack. Kudos to the Blaze of Hackensack for their amazing contribution to the art scene!


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