Busy in Bushwick: Dabs & Myla, Matt Dobbs, Kems, Most & Flying Fortress, Never and Nychos

June 4, 2012

Yesterday was a busy day in Bushwick, as artists from across the globe, along with locals, transformed the visual landscape of some of the neighborhood’s key spots. Here are a few images captured in the late afternoon:

Australian artists Dabs & Myla

"Dabs and Myla"

Brooklyn-based designer Matt Dobbs

"Matt Dobbs in Bushwick"

New England native and internationally acclaimed graffiti writer Kems 

Germany’s Most, Flying Fortress & Redo work in progress

Brooklyn-based Never

"Never in Bushwick"

 And Austrian artist Nychos

"Nychos street art in Bushwick"

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Photos by Lenny Collado

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