A Fusion of Styles in the Bronx: Shiro, Deem, Rubin415, King Bee, Logek, Obey, Phetus, Indie184, Cope2, Free5, AM, Sen2, Sand One & MSK

February 25, 2012

Few NYC walls successfully fuse as many distinct styles and sensibilities as those up in the Bronx. Among these is the huge wall on Boone Avenue in the West Farms district.  East meets West; graffiti couples with street art and comic art merges with folk art. Here are a few images:

Shiro, Deem, Rubin415, King Bee, Logek & Obey

"Shiro, Deem, Rubin415, King Bee, Logek & Obey Bronx street art & graffiti"

Phetus & Indie184

"Phetus & Indie184 Bronx street art & graffiti"

Cope2, Free5 & Alice Mizrachi, aka AM

"Cope2, Free5 & Alice Mizrachi Bronx street art & graffiti"

King Bee, Cope2, Sen2 & Sand One

"King Bee, Sen2, Cope2, & Sand One Bronx street art & graffiti"

MSK Crew

"MSK graffiti in the Bronx"

Photos by Street Art NYC

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