Armed with spray paint, paintbrushes, markers, pencils and assorted implements, a diverse group of artists have transformed the ground level of the Marina at Pier 57 into a mesmerizing medley of styles, shapes, colors and concepts. Here’s a sampling of what we recently captured on the “magic carpet” under 36 suspended shipping containers:

Iranian stencil artist IcySinned painting, top left

Icy and Sinned

Icy’s brother and partner Sot 


Daniel Patrick at work with words

Daniel Patrick

Queens-based artist Sinned, close-up


Painter Bruce Wall at work on piece in collaboration with Josh Miller

Bruce Wall

Bruce Wall

 Garrison Buxton of Ad Hoc Art

Garrison- Buxton-art-Pier-57

NYC-based RJ Raizk

RJ Raizk

RJ Raizk

Brooklyn-based Subtexture


Not pictured are works by Depoe, Rrobots and In Pursuit of Magic.

Commissioned by YoungWoo & Associates, the completed artworks can be seen at the Marina at Pier 57 at West 15th Street within Hudson River Park through July.

Photos by Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky


Speaking with Icy and Sot

August 14, 2012

Icy and Sot, two brothers from Iran, have gained international recognition for their expressive stencil art. Gracing public spaces in their native city of Tabriz, as well as in Tehran, their stencils reflect everyday realities and fantasies. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Icy and Sot during their visit to NYC.

What brought you to NYC?

We have a solo exhibit coming up next week.  We wanted to be present at the show, and we are excited to be able to paint walls in NYC.   We’ve shown in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and Finland, but this is our first solo exhibit outside of Iran that we will be attending.

"Icy and Sot street art exhibit"

What are your impressions – so far – of NYC?

It’s an exciting city, and it’s been great meeting so many different artists and people.  We never could have imagined a place with so much street art.  And so many people have been so kind to us.  We especially love Brooklyn — where we are now staying — as there are so many great walls. We are thrilled to paint here.

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