Under the curatorial direction of Tag Public Arts Project founder, SinXero, the walls on and off the 6 line in the South Central section of the Bronx have become one of the borough’s visual highlights.  Loved by both local residents and passersby, these murals, in fact, are now incorporated into an official tour of the Bronx. Here is a small sampling of what can be seen:

Marthalicia Matarrita and Raquel Echanique 


Marthalicia Matarrita, close-up

"Marthalicia Matarrita"





See TF


Col Wallnuts




Daek William — in from Australia 

"Daek William"

Damien Mitchell

"Damien Mitchell"

Billy Mode and Chris Stain

"Billy Mode and Chris Stain"

Zimad — close-up 


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Photos by Lois Stavsky



The Tag Public Arts Project, founded and directed by SinXero, is continuing its transformation of the Bronx’s visual landscape. In addition to the alluring murals that have surfaced on the streets within the past few months, new artwork recently made its way up to a rooftop, visible from the 6 line.

Sexer (left) and SinXero at work:

"Sexer and SinXero"

SinXero pays tribute to the legendary graffiti artist Christopher Lee aka Shadow in “Shadow’s Kiss”


Sexeis “Soaring High”


And Chris and Veng RWK bring their iconic characters along

Chris and Veng

 All photos courtesy Tag Public Arts Project



Opening tomorrow evening — Tuessday, November 26 — at the Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village, Fine Flavas is an ode to the creative energy of the streets. Featuring an eclectic mix of artwork by SinXeroAndrés Correa, Will Power and Kool Kito, the exhibit continues through November 30. Here are a few more images:

Toronto-based Andrés Correa

Andres Correa

The legendary Kool Kito, Ex-Vandals

Kool Kito

Jersey City native Will Power

Will Power

Dorian Grey Gallery — one of our favorite spaces for street art, graffiti and a range of contemporary art — is located at  437 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A.

fine flavas

First image is a collabo by SinXero with a vintage 80’s photo of Crazy Legs captured by the legendary Henry Chalfant. All others as identified; photos of artworks by Lois Stavsky


This is the second in an occasional series featuring images of New York City’s doors that sport everything from tags and stickers to sophisticated images.

Long Island-based Reme821 in Brooklyn


Baltimore-based Gaia resurfaces in Queens with early wheat paste


Brooklyn-based Abel Macias in Bushwick

Abel Macias

NYC-based SinXero on Bronx door


Italian artist Federico Massa aka Cruz in Brooklyn


Argentinian artist Sonni at the Bushwick Collective


OCMC goes big in TriBeCa


Brooklyn-based Judith Supine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Judith Supine

Photos by Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky


This is the first in a series of images of males who surface on NYC public spaces:

Icy and Sot at the Bushwick Collective

Icy and Sot

Nick Walker on Manhatan’s Lower East Side

Nick Walker

Meres at 5Pointz in Long Island City


SinXero and Joe Conzo do the Cold Crush Brothers in the Bronx

SinXero and Joe Conzo

Fumero at the Bushwick Collective


Tito Na Rua on Lower East Side rooftop

Tito Na Rua

Belin and the Royal Kingbee in the Bronx

Belin and King Bee

Erik Den Breejen does David Bowie in NoLita

Erik Den Breejen

Photos by Lenny Collado, Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky


Last Monday – Memorial Day – SinXero, Sien, Fumero and Joe Conzo brought their vision to a new legal wall in the Bronx. Inspired by SinXero’s memories of growing up on 181st Street and Prospect Avenue, the collaborative mural pays homage to the roots of graffiti and hip-hop.


Located at 1401 Ferris Place, this mural is the first of four legal Bronx walls by the TAG Team — in collaboration with such legendary documentarians as Joe Conzo, Ricky Flores and Henry Chalfant. Sponsored by All City Paint, the murals are intended as a tribute to those who played a significant role in the development of the borough’s distinct culture that continues to impact the world. These walls also represent, SinXero reports, an effort to bring a new form of street art, grafstract— with its melding of styles — to the birthplace of it all.  Here are a few more images:

Sinxero pastes up his iconic “Ode to the Streets” image. Photo by Trevon Blondet.


Close-up of SinXero image with Sien to the right. Photo by Tara Murray.

SinXero and Sien

Sien at work. Photo by Trevon Blondet.


SinXero and Fumero in front of completed mural. Photo by Trevon Blondet.

Sinxero and Fumero

Joe Conzo with image based on his photo of Bronx hip-hop legends, the Cold Crush BrothersPhoto by Trevon Blondet.

Joe Conzo

Close-up of Cold Crush Brothers. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

Joe Conzo and SinXero

Westchester Square Plumbing Supply Co., Inc  has provided TAG with multiple legal walls for this project.

All photos by Trevor Blondet, courtesy of SinXero — except for SinXero and Sien close-up by Tara Murray and final close-up by Lois Stavsky.