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Currently on view at Okay Space at 281 North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is Philly VS New York: A Declaration of Co-Independence. Featuring works — fashioned both individually and collaboratively — by legendary Philly rapper Schoolly D and New York-based multi-disciplinary visual artist Pablo Power, this exhibit is a follow-up to their 2013 exhibition, Am I Black Enough?  Presented by Okay Space and Black Swan Projekt, Philly VS New York: A Declaration of Co-Independence continues through April 1. Pictured above is Gay Science and Joyous Wisdom by Pablo Power. What follows are several more images on display:

Schoolly D, Smoke Some Kill, Ink on paper


 Pablo Power, Crack Another 40, A Birthday on Chrystie, Mixed media


 Pablo Power, Dekalb Didactic, Mixed media


Schoolly D,  Cheeba, Cheeba, Mixed media


Schoolly D and Pablo Power, Philly Vs New York, Giclée Prints, edition of 30. Release and Exhibit Reception Tonight


And on this coming Wednesday evening, a series of short films will be screened:


 Photos of images 1-5 by Tara Murray



Held in a huge South Bronx warehouse, No Commission features the artworks of over two dozen first-rate established and emerging artists. Curated by the Dean Collection and directed by Swizz Beatz, the four-day event — currently underway — is designed to support artists by offering them free space and 100% of the sale of their artwork. Among the artists featured are several whose works have also surfaced on our streets. Pictured above is Okuda. Here are several more:

John Ahearn does Bio, Tats Cru


Zio Ziegler


Pablo Power






Nina Chanel


And on the exterior: Nicer, Tats Cru, close-up from huge mural fashioned collaboratively with Sexer, BG 183, Crash and Bio


Photo credits: 1-3, 6-8 Lois Stavsky;  4 & 5 Sara C Mozeson


Pablo-Power-A Circle-Unbroken

A Circle Unbroken: Tributes in Pattern, Pablo Power’s solo exhibit at No Romance Galleries, is a splendid poetic homage to life’s cycles and patterns. Reflecting Power’s vast experience with both graffiti and the streets, the multi-media images presented here fuse a dreamlike beauty with a rich rawness. Here is a sampling:

Success and Reformation, Acrylic, mixed media and image transfer on wood panel, close-up


Ouroboros As Metro MoverAcrylic, mixed media and image transfer on wood panel




Gay Science and Joyous Wisdom, Acrylic, mixed media and image transfer on wood panel


Half Cycle in Light, Acrylic, mixed media and image transfer on plexi glass



The exhibit continues until tomorrow, Thursday, February 26 at 355 Broadway in Tribeca.

Photos 1, 4, 5, 7  & 8 City-as-School intern Zachariah Messaoud; 2, 3 & 6, Lois Stavsky



Co-owned by artists Sarah Wang and Shaina YangCity Bird is a creative space recently launched on the Lower East Side. While visiting its current exhibit Natural High yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to Shaina Yang and find out a bit about the gallery and its mission.

I love the eclectic mix of art in this exhibit. Can you tell us something about City Bird’s mission?

We see ourselves as a unique space in which we are free to unleash our creativity in a playful manner.  There is no one to tell us what to create or how to create it. It is up to us — the artists!

"Chris Mendoza"

When was City Bird born? 

Our inaugural exhibit opened on November 7. It was curated by the Under1roof Project.

"Lady Millard"

Many of the artists on exhibit – such as KingbeeWizard Skull and Dek 2DX— are also active on the streets. How did you meet each other?

Many of us know each other from the collective, Con Artist, and many of Con Artist’s members also get up on the streets.  Lady Millard’s Under1roof Project also brought us together in a collaborative manner. Basically, it was friends and friends of friends!


"Wizard Skull"


I’d imagine that renting and maintaining a space like this on the Lower East Side could be expensive. How do you raise the money to do this?

When there are no exhibits here, we rent out the space to pop-up shows, poetry readings and a range of creative events.

"copie rodriguez"

What’s ahead?

A mix of imaginative exhibits featuring work by a range of artists, including street artists. We are already booked through the spring. You are in for some surprises!


City Bird is located at 191 Henry Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 


1. Pablo Power

2. Chris Mendoza, close-up

3. Lady Millard, close-up

4. Kingbee

5. Wizard Skull

6, Dek 2DX

7. Copie Rodriguez

8. Smurfo Udirty

First image courtesy of the gallery; all others photographed by Lois Stavsky

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