LNY Is Back in Manhattan

March 13, 2013

We love having LNY back in our borough. We’ve missed him. And thanks to Keith Schweitzer and FAB, he’s back! Here are a few images captured form the wondrous wall that he recently fashioned on East Second Street.

LNY in action

LNY paints in East Village

The morning after

LNY mural in NYC

 Close-up with recycled trash bags!

LNY street art- close-up

And this past weekend was a special treat for us LNY fans, as his artwork could be seen at the Fountain Art Fair, as well. Here’s a sampling of images — all fashioned on recycled materials:

LNY at Fountain art fair


LNY portrait

Photos by Tara Murray 


"Sofia Maldonado collaborative street art mural"

This past weekend, Sofia Maldonado, one of our favorite artists, collaborated with the Bronx Museum’s Teen Council alumni and Jerry Otero’s Cre8tive YouTH*ink to fashion a mural celebrating the Bronx Museum’s 40th anniversary and its free admission policy.  The elegant mural can be seen on the exterior of the Andrew Freedman Home at 1125 Grand Concourse. Here are some more images:

Photos by Lenny Collado with special thanks to Sofia Maldonado, Jerry Otero aka Mista OH, Robin Cembalest of ARTnews and Miriam D. Tabb & Hannie Chia of the Bronx Museum.


"LNY street art"

Chelsea’s Eyebeam Art + Technology Center has a new look.  Celebrated street artists LNY and Nanook, along with South Korean multi-media artist Taeyoon Choi, recently graced the exterior of Eyebeam, lending it a playfully provocative urban aesthetic. Here are a few images:

LNY close-up

"LNY street art"

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"DALeast in NYC"

Two sumptuous walls surfaced in downtown Manhattan earlier this week. DALeast graced the exterior of Rag and Bone with his distinct vision, and his wife, the legendary South African street artist Faith47, graced a huge wall on East 2nd Street, part of Fourth Arts Block’s public art program with MaNY.

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"Kobra street art"

Noted São Paulo muralist Eduardo Kobra has been the talk of the town here as he has been transforming Chelsea’s visual landscape.  Characterized by an impressive range of depth and realism, Kobra’s brightly hued murals pay homage to NYC’s history.

As viewed from the High Line, this piece was inspired by Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic photo, V-J Day in Times Square:

"Kobra mural"

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This past weekend, the famed wall on the Bowery and Houston Street became the outdoor canvas to Retna’s distinct script. Derived from symbols and hieroglyphics of ancient heritages, it also reflects the West Coast’s artist’s graffiti background and sensibility.

Here are some images

" Retna graffiti and street art mural on NYC's Bowery"

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