Linus Coraggio

La Maison d’Art, a lovely guesthouse on West 132 Street in Harlem, is also home to some intriguing art.  On exhibit in its indoor gallery through August 28 is “GETTING UP!” — the Evolution of Graffiti. Here is a small sampling of what is on display:

The legendary T-Kid, Back in Da Day, Acrylic spray on canvas


 King Trio, Acrylic spray on canvas 


MRS — whose works we’ve seen on the streets of the Bronx –Contact High, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


French artist Oeno, Mechanical Child  Stencil, spray paint,  pencil, markers on canvas


Harlem-based Royce Bannon aka Choice Royce, Everyday Hustle, Acrylic on oak (top left); Alone by Myself, and Ride or Die, Acrylic and spray paint on wood

"Choice Royce"

And in the garden is a huge array of works in different media forged with found objects by the masterful Linus Coraggio.

"Linus Corragio"

Close-up from huge mixed-media installation

"Linus Corragio"

Also on exhibit in the gallery are works by Paul Deo,  Mathametics Patterson, Flygirrl and Ausm.  La Maison d’Art is located at 259 W 132 Street in Harlem.

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson  


"Carlos Pinto"

Currently on view at the Elena Ab Gallery, 185 Church Street in Tribeca, the Collective Show celebrates a diversity of cultures, styles and techniques. Among those artists featured who have also shared their visions in public spaces are: Carlos PintoKen HiratsukaLinus CoraggioMegan Kindsfather and John Paul O’Grodnick. Here’s a sampling:

Another signature Carlos Pinto portrait

Carlos Pinto

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, commissioned by Goldman Properties to create a huge granite sidewalk sculpture for 25 Bond Street

Ken Hiratsuka

Celebrated metal sculptor Linus Coraggio, whose work is documented in Trespass by Carlo McCormick and Wooster Collective founders Marc and Sara Schiller


Megan Kindsfather, close-up

"Megan Kindsfather"

John Paul O’Grodnick

John-Paul- OGrodnick-art-Elena-Ab-Gallery

Among the other works on exhibit — of particular interest to us street art aficionados — is an early work attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Launched earlier this year by the painter Elena Ab as a meeting space for friends, artists and collectors, the Elena Ab Gallery is open daily from 12-8pm and by appointment.


First photo: Carlos Pinto, Keith Haring close-up by City-as-School intern Eduardo Dibone; all others by Lois Stavsky