While exploring the streets on and off Atlantic Avenue in the East New York section of Brooklyn this past Sunday, I came upon a wall of classic graffiti painted by several members of the long-running, Brooklyn-born Ex Vandals crew. Pictured above is veteran style master 2il taking a brief break from his work in progress.  Several more images follow:

Old school graffiti artist Keon

Multimedia artist Panic Rodriguez does Kanye West with classic graffiti writer Clyde to his right

And graffiti veteran Gap RNS at work

Much respect to these pioneers who paved the way to so many–

Photos credit: Lois Stavsky

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The walls up in Inwood — home to veteran NYC writers and their guests — are a treasure trove of graffiti and graffiti history.  The image featured above was painted by native New Yorker Panic Rodriguez, who grew up writing graffiti in the 80’s. Several more images that Ana Candelaria and I captured this past Sunday follow:

Bronx-bred, Jersey City-based  Ree Vilomar 

Classic Bronx-bred writer Clyde

Veteran Uptown writers Keon and Rocky 184

Bronx-based TC5 crew member Sound7

Devils of Graffiti member Ses, who — according to my research — recently passed  

Legendary Old School writers Lava, Tony 164 and Snake 188 with (what looks like) Oops1 on top 

All of these walls can be found on and off 10th Avenue between 207th Street and 2016th Streets, off the 1 line.

Photo credits: 1-3 & 7 Ana Candelaria; 4-6 Lois Stavsky



Mission Graffiti arrived in Bushwick earlier this month featuring several veteran writers who generally paint in Upper Manhattan and in the Bronx. Here are a few images of their wall in progress:

Styx and Ghetto 149 at work


Keon at work


Airbrush and tattoo artist Israel Garcia and his character join the writers

"Izzy Graffiti character"

The crew

"Mission Graffiti"

And a few of the completed pieces — along with shout-outs to the original Mission Graffiti writers — that we captured this past week:


Chris 217


Mark 198

Mark 198

Note: First photo features Checker 170 

Photos: 1-5 Dani Reyes Mozeson; 6 Tara Murray; 7 Lois Stavsky and 8. City-As-School intern Diana Davidova