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The extraordinarily gifted Belgian artist Roa has recently shared his talents and passion for the animal kingdom with us outdoors in Jersey City and indoors at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The following images were captured this past Saturday near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, not far from Mana Contemporary where Roa created his works for Metazoa, currently on exhibit at Jonathan LeVine:



Close-up with Roa at work


The mural, full view


And here is a sampling of ROA‘s interactive works at Jonathan LeVine, largely created on found, salvaged materials:

Sturnus Vulgaris, mixed-media

Roa-Composition  ll-Jonathan-Levine-GalleryRoa-Sturnus Vulgaris-Jonathan-Levine

Composition II: Lutrinate, Salmonidae, Anguilliformes, mixed media

Sturnus Vulgaris, mixed media

Roa-Sylvilagus Audubonii-Jonathan-Levine

NY Canidae, mixed media, rear


Metazoa continues through May 2 at Jonathan LeVine at the gallery’s 529 West 20th Street space.

Note: For a wonderfully interactive view of several pieces check out this post on Colosaal

Photos of Roa in Jersey City by bytegirl; of Roa’s works at Jonathan LeVine, Dani Reyes Mozeson


"Prophet in the Desert"

A graffiti writer and b-boy back in the 70’s, California-based Doze Green crafts extraordinary artwork that exudes all the energy, exuberance and irreverence of the New York City streets that were once his.  Out of Nowhere, his current exhibit and fifth solo show at Jonathan LeVine, continues through Saturday at 557C West 23rd Street. Here are a few more images:

Set with Osirian Strap (Penis Envy)mixed media on canvas

"Set with Osirian Strap-On (Penis Envy)"

Napoleon Bonefart, mixed media on wood

"Napoleon Bonefart"

H Thrice, mixed-media on canvas

"H Thrice"

The Initiate, mixed media on canvas 

"The Initiate"

The Jonathan LeVine Gallery is open from 11am to 6pm.

Photos of images by Dani Reyes Mozeson; first image is Prophet in the Desert, mixed-media on canvas


The legendary Bronx-based graffiti artist John Matos aka Crash has been busy these days — with work on the streets, on exhibit and on Ferrari cars.  Here’s a sampling:

At work on the Lower East Side last month for the Lisa Project

"John Matos aka Crash"

Recently-completed mural up in the Bronx for TAG Public Arts Project

"John Matos aka Crash"

At opening of Broken English at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery


With spray paint on canvas in Broken English at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Wrapped in My Own Existence

"John Matos aka Crash"

On exhibit in City as Canvas at the Museum of the City of New York, acrylic on canvas, 1986

"John Matos aka Crash"

For the Crash Ferrari Art Project, a collaborative venture with Joe “MAC” of Martino Auto Concepts and the Dorian Grey Gallery, on exhibit beginning today, July 24, through July 28 at Art Southampton

"John Matos aka Crash"



Photos: 1, 3 and 5 by Dani Reyes Mozeson; photo 2 by Lois Stavsky; photo 4 courtesy of the artist and photos 6-8, courtesy Bettina Cataldi

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While Roa’s huge, wondrous black and white murals continue to grace massive walls in New York City, one of his smaller pieces can be seen mounted onto the walls of the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district. Hybrid Thinking a group exhibition curated by Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective, features Roa’s signature animals painted on multiple panels. We were riveted.

In Williamsburg

"Roa street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

In Bushwick

"Roa street art in Brooklyn, NYC"

At the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

"Roa artwork at Jonathan Levine Gallery"

With doors open

Roa at Jonathan Levine Gallery

photos by Street Art NYC