Jimmy C


In collaboration with the Mana Urban Arts Project, the Bushwick Collective transformed Wynwood’s former RC Cola Factory into a Mecca of first-rate street art and graffiti. During Miami Art Week, celebrated artists from across the globe painted alongside local Miami and NYC-based artists. Here are a few more images from among the dozens of murals I saw last week while visiting Wynwood:

London-based James Cochran aka Jimmy C

"Jimmy C"

London-based Shok1


NYC-based Giz RIS


NYC-based Lady Aiko


Dutch artist David Louf aka Mr June


Miami-based Hoxxoh


West Coast-based Christina Angelina


First image is a close-up from a huge mural by David Sepulveda aka Rimx

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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The following post is by Houda Lazrak, a contributor to StreetArtNYC and an M.A. candidate in Museum Studies at NYU:


Located on the river bank in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin, Urban Spree is a vast multi-purpose creative space dedicated to promoting urban cultures. The walls of its industrial buildings are graced with constantly rotating murals, stencils, wheat pastes, and stickers from a rich array of  local and international artists. 

Here are a few more artworks I saw during a recent visit:

Portuguese artist Bordalo Segundo aka Bordalo II


London-based Jimmy C


London-based French artist Zabou


Mexican artist Paola Delfin with artist to-be-identified to her right


Iranian artists Icy and Sot


Note: The first image features Berlin-based Low Bros

All photos by Houda Lazrak

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Under the leadership of the indefatigable Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, Long Island City’s 5Pointz has evolved into a first-rate open-air street art museum.  Even with the threat of closure looming, its huge walls remain a canvas for artists who travel to NYC from across the globe.  Here’s a small sampling of their contributions to this mecca of aerosol art:

Beastman, Australia:

Beastman at 5Pointz in New York

Jimmy C, England:

Jimmy C street art at 5Pointz in New York

The Yok and Creepy, Australia:

The Yok and Creepy street art at 5Pointz in New York

The Ego Crew, Spain:

Ego Crew street art at 5Pointz in New York

Owen Dipppie, New Zealand:

Owen Dippie street art at 5Points in New York

Photos by Dani Mozeson