Imagination in Space – a group of talented artists repurposing the use of city space as an alternative to traditional galleries – brought their vision to the East Village this past Tuesday.  In partnership with London-based We Are Pop Up and NYC-based watchmaker Martenero, The Allies have launched their model of “borderless creativity” at 37 East First Street. Among the works featured are quite a few of interest to us street art aficionados. A small sampling follows:

UK graffiti pioneer Inkie


London-based Elmo Hood


Brooklyn-based Misha T


From the launch with noted culture critic Carlo McCormick in attendance (bottom, right)



And a close-up of the backyard — — transformed by Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture students — the setting of its daily morning yoga classes

The Allies-backyard-east-village

Also on view and for sale are works by NYC-based photographer Joey L, illustrator Sam Spratt and multi-media artist Yazmany Arboleda, along with Martenero‘s customized automatic watches and selections from Heidi Gardner’s esoteric jewelry designs.  Perceiving its space as an alternative to traditional galleries, The Allies aims to transform city spaces into pop-up galleries — more vibrant and accessible than traditional art-sales venues.  You can visit the space through Tuesday at 37 East First Street.

Photos of Elmo and backyard by Dani Reyes Mozeson; all other courtesy of The Allies

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"Rubin415 and Dasic"

The walls in the industrial neighborhood of Hunts Point up in the Bronx are among NYC’s most vibrant. Within the past few weeks, over a dozen diverse pieces have surfaced. While some are rooted in traditional graffiti and others cross genres, they all exude distinct charm and energy. Here is a sampling captured this past week:

Swedish artist Rubin415 and Chilean artists Dasic Fernandez and Zewok

"Rubin415, Dasic and Zewok"

Zewok close-up


Bristol legend Inkie in from London

"Inkie graffiti"

The legendary Bronx native John Matos aka Crash

"John Matos aka Crash"

Bristol’s famed Nick Walker and West coast artist Mark Bode

"Nick Walker and Mark Bode"

 New York City’s Yes2

"Yes 2 graffiti"

Photos by Lenny Collado, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

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This is the sixth in a series of posts of images of girls — and women — who grace New York City’s public spaces:

Los Angeles native Tristan Eaton in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"Tristan Eaton street art"

 Tokyo native Lady Aiko in Washington Heights, Manhattan

"Lady Aiko"

Brooklyn-based Gilf! at Bushwick Five Points

"Gilf! street art"

The legendary London-based Inkie at Bushwick Five Points

 Mexico City-based artist Paola Beck at Bushwick Five Points

"Paola Beck art"

Colombia native Lorenzo Masnah in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"Lorenzo Masnah street art"

 Bronx-based artist Sien in Red Hook, Brooklyn

The wonderfully talented ND’A and OverUnder in the East Village

"ND'A and OverUnder street art"

Photos of Tristan Eaton, Gilf!, Paola Beck & Sien by Lois Stavsky; Lady Aiko, Lorenzo Masnah and OverUnder & ND’A by Lenny Collado; Inkie by Tara Murray



A Mecca of aerosol art, Long Island City’s 5Pointz attracts not only local artists, but also those from across the globe, offering a transitory legal home to a diverse range — from Old School graff writers to modern muralists.  Here are some recent sightings:

Olivier Bonhomme from Lyon, France

"The Floating Man by Bonhomme"

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