Essex Crossing

Home to such projects as 100 Gates and Market Surplus, the streets and venues of Manhattan’s Lower East Side have introduced us to new talents, while showcasing some of NYC’s most prominent graffiti artists and muralists. Artists are now invited to submit ideas for an entire mural — or a segment of it — to be painted on the western façade of Essex Crossing‘s site at 145 Clinton Street that will be home to 107 market-rate apartments and 104 below-market-rate units. Check the Request for Proposals (RFP) for all the details and requirements. You have until December 15th to submit it.

The image featured above was painted by Gera Luz. Here are several more that have surfaced on the Lower East Side within the past year:



Buff Monster for Market Surplus

Claw Money

Lexi Bella

Photo credit:  QuallsBenson

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This past weekend, the now-abandoned Essex Street Market at 140 Essex was the site of Market Surplus, an exhibit featuring ten huge striking murals in a range of styles — from meticulously rendered photorealistic to brightly colored expressionistic. Largely site-specific, they were the perfect homage to a soon-to-be-demolished historic Lower East Side building.  While visiting late Sunday afternoon, I had the opportunity to pose a few questions to its curator, Adam Lucas aka Hanksy.


This is quite impressive. When did you begin working on it?

It all started a week and a half ago.

That’s quite remarkable. It must have been quite an intense week and a half! What moved you to curate it? 

Essex Crossing has been committed from early on to bringing public art projects to this neighborhood. Awhile back, they tapped me to help them accomplish this. When they offered me this building as a site for this exhibit, I took the opportunity to curate Market Surplus.


It seems like so much effort for a weekend event. It’s wonderful, but I wish it weren’t over so quickly!

Large murals like these generally have long lives.  But I actually like the twist on permanence. Bringing these kinds of murals indoors for this transitory exhibit turns the notion of permanence on its head.

How did you decide which artists to engage?

I reached out to artists I know and like — who were in town. And some of the artists recommended other artists.


There are quite a few references to the neighborhood in these works.

Yes. Among them is NDA‘s painting of Luis and his son Felix of the Luis Meat Market that is housed at the Essex Street Market.  A key mission of the exhibit was capturing the spirit of the Lower East Side.

I love the variety of styles and sensibilities featured here. Each is distinctly wonderful!

My intention was to present a range of styles. That was one of my criteria in selecting artists.


With Market Surplus behind you and now part of the history of the Lower East Side, what is next?

In two weeks, my work will be featured in a pop-up show at the Krause Gallery here on the Lower East Side. Later in the summer I will be painting a mural for the L.I.S.A Project. And there is much more to come!

It sounds great! And congratulations on this weekend’s exhibit.


1. NDA

2. Adam Lucas aka Hanksy

3. Sonni

4. Faust

5. BK Foxx

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3 & 5 Lois Stavsky; 4 Karin du Maire; interview conducted and edited by Lois Stavsky



Few Lower East Side spots are as tantalizing as the Essex Street Market. With its rich array of delicacies, it’s been one of our favorite haunts for years. And now with Gera Lozano‘s artwork gracing both its exterior and interior, it’s even more inviting!  I recently met up with Lauren Margolis of the Lower East Side Partnership who gave me a bit of an update.

We love the the Essex Street Market‘s new look! What inspired the makeover?

With the development of the nearby Essex Crossing, the Essex Street Market was experiencing less foot traffic. Many people, in fact, didn’t realize that the Market was still open and functioning. We wanted to boost its visibility.


You certainly seem to have accomplished that! We street art aficionados were introduced to Gera Lozano‘s aesthetic largely through the murals she has painted with WERC in Brooklyn and Queens.  We are delighted to see her work surface here. How did you decide which artist to commission for this project?

Natalie Raben, who oversaw the 100 GATES Project, was familiar with Gera’s work, and suggested that we bring her abroad for this project. And Gera was quite excited about this project when we approached her.


What about the design? How was that decided? What considerations went into it?

We were seeking an attractive, eye-catching design that represents the range of vendors at the Essex Street Market.


How have folks reacted to this transformation?

They love it. The response has been so positive. People have been commenting on it, posing in front of it and posting images it on Instagram!


What’s ahead for the Essex Street Market?

In 2018, it will be moving into the ground floor of Essex Crossing. All of the existing vendors will have a new home, and there will be space for additional vendors. Delancey Street Associates, the developer of Essex Crossing, will cover the cost of the move.

I’m glad we have Gera’s artwork in the meantime! And we look forward to seeing the art that is certain to surface there!

Note: The Essex Street Market is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 7:00pm, Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm. The Market also houses Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space that is open Tuesday – Sunday from 12-6pm.

Photo credits: 1 & 5 Tara Murray; 2-4 Lois Stavskyinterview with Lauren Margolis conducted and edited by Lois Stavsky

Hailed in a range of media from the Huffington Post to the New York Times, our Street Art NYC App is now available for Android devices here.

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