This is the sixth in an occasional series of artwork on NYC shutters:

Ewok in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Alice Mizrachi aka AM in East Harlem

"Alice Mizrachi"

Michael De Feo on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Michael De Feo

Part One in East Harlem

"Part I"

Vato in Williamsburg


BeauElle and Hue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

"Beau and Elle"

Crisp in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Fumero in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Icy and Sot in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Icy and Sot"

Photo of Michael De Feo by Tara Murray; all others by Lois Stavsky 


To the sheer delight of local residents and passersby, the Centre-fuge Public Art Project brought its vision to Miami’s Little Havana during Art Basel Week. Here are a few images captured these past few days:

ElleYatika Starr Fields and Ben Angotti

Centre-fuge Public Art Project in Little Havana

Yatika Starr Fields at work

Yatika Starr Fields

Ben Angotti takes a brief break

Ben Angotti

The legendary Korn does his thing  — with Kristi Evans below


Federico Massa aka Cruz


CS-Navarrete at work

C. S. Navarette

Marthalicia Matarrita does her Mom

Marthalicia Matarrita

Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett, close-up from work in progress

Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett

CRAM Concepts, Lexi Bella,  Matthew Denton Burrows & Danielle Mastrio

Cram Concepts, Lexi Bella, Matthew Burrows & Danielle Mastrion

Thanks to Eric Ginsburg and the folks at the Fridge Art Fair — along with so many others — for their support. This was just the beginning of the Centre-fuge Public Art Project in Little Havana!

Photo of Cruz by Sara C. Mozeson; all others by Lois Stavsky



The now-iconic trailer on First Street and First Avenue is undergoing yet another transformation. For its current cycle, Cycle 11, the Centre-fuge Public Art Project invited artists who’ve painted there this past year to return. Here are a few images captured earlier in the week from the still-in-progress huge, energetic collage of distinct styles.

 Matthew Denton Burrows at work; Damien Miksza on left; Phetus on right


Phetus with Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett on right


 CS-Navarrete at work




Joseph Meloy




Royce Bannon with Miishab on right


ElleDamien Mitchell and Korn


Keep posted to our Facebook page for more photos of the completed pieces.

Photo of  CS-Navarrete at work by Lois Stavsky; all others by Dani Reyes Mozeson

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In partnership with the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival, Centre-fuge’s Cycle 8, Influx in Flux, expanded to include additional containers on East 1st Street, along with wide panels inside the First Street Green Park. Here are a few images captured this past week:

Italian artist Federico Massa aka Cruz at work


Brooklyn-based Elle at work


Brooklyn native Mor at work


Brooklyn-based ND’A


Simply signed “Exit”


Veteran graffiti master Demer at work


The legendary Claw Money at work

Claw Money

NYC-based painter and musician Yuri Velez at work

Yuri Velez

Noted painter and sculptor Ray Smith

Ray Smith

Puerto Rican native Sofia Maldonado at work 

Sofia Maldonado

The young, talented members of Cre8tive YouTH*ink at work 

Cre8tive YouTH*ink

Recently cited in TimeOut New York as one of NYC’s Top Spots for Street Art, the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, under the curatorial vision of Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville, is committed to transforming transitional spaces and construction sites in New York City into public works of art. To assist the Centre-fuge Public Art Project with funds needed to continue and expand their project, check out its Indiegogo campaign.

Keep posted to our Facebook page for additional images of artwork by Sheryo, The Yok, Cram Concepts and more.

Photos by Lenny Collado, Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky


"Danielle Mastrion & Bishop203 artwork on trailer in NYC"

While walking along East First Street off First Avenue early this year, we were delighted to come upon a huge trailer transformed into a vibrant outdoor canvas.   In the past few months, this same trailer has featured the works of some of NYC’s best-known street artists such as Claw Money and Optimo Primo, along with images fashioned by artists who rarely paint or exhibit in public spaces.

Last week we had the chance to observe some of NYC’s most active street artists at work on the trailer and meet some others whose work was new to us.  We also discovered that these artists were at work on Cycle 3 of The Centre-Fuge Art Project conceived by First Street residents Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville in memory of their friend, Mike Hamm.

Here are some images from Cycle 3:

Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Mastrion pays homage to Adam Yauch aka MCA, a founding member of the legendary Beastie Boys.

"Danielle Mastrion paints MCA portrait"

Local illustrator and graphic designer Michael DeNicola brings an eerie family abroad.

"Michael Denicola characters on NYC trailer"

Thanks to Bishop203 and Elle, Brooklyn’s iconic character arrives on the scene.

"Bishop203 character on NYC trailer"

The prolific Fumero whose distinct aesthetic can be seen on walls throughout NYC brings a slice of paradise to First Street.

"Fumero street art on NYC trailer"

Brooklyn-based visual and performance artist Jade Fusco, aka DMZL, graces the trailer with an array of quirky creatures.

"Jade Fusco characters on NYC trailer"

And designer, graffiti writer and fine artist CRAM Concepts (center) honors all moms — just in time for Mothers Day.

Cycle 3 of Centre-fuge will be on view until July 12th, 2012.

Photos by Lenny Collado, Tara Murray & Street Art, NYC

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From the playful to the poignant, dozens of girls — and women too — grace the walls of New York City.  Here’s a sampling of some that are currently part of NYC’s visual landscape:

Cekis close-up in downtown Brooklyn

"Cekis street art in Brooklyn"

Chris Stain close-up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

 Cro stencil in West Harlem

"Cro stencil in Harlem"

Dasic portrait in the South Bronx

"Dasic street art in the Bronx"

Elle paste-up in Chelsea

"Elle paste-up in Chelsea"

Shiro in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Shiro street art in Brooklyn"

Toofly mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"Toofly street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

Photos by Street Art NYC, Lenny Collado & Dani Mozeson