During the past several weeks, over a dozen intriguing murals have surfaced at First Street Green Art Park. Fashioned by local, national and international artists, they reflect a huge range of styles and sensibilities, The now-iconic image featured above is the work of the nomadic Nite Owl. Several more recent additions to First Street Green Art Park follow:

Brazilian artist Panmela Castro at work

NYC-based Marzipan Physics

Brooklyn-based K-NOR 

Cram Concepts and Ratchi NYC

Brazilian artist Binho

Madrid-based Ramón Amorós

First Street Green Art Park is located at 33 East 1st Street, where the Lower East Side meets the East Village.

Photo credits: 1, 3-7 Lois Stavsky; 2 Ana Candelaria


This is the eighth in a series of occasional posts featuring some of the curious characters that surface on NYC streets:

Mike Lee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Werc, close-up in Long Island City


Elle and the London Police on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

elle-and-london-police-street-art-nyc 2

Buff Monster at the Bushwick Collective


Binho in Long Island City


Esteban del Valle at Welling Court in Astoria, Queens


Photo credits: 1, 3 & 5 Dani Reyes Mozeson; 2, 4 & 6 Lois Stavsky



Based in Detroi’s Eastern Market district, 1xRUN is the world’s leading publisher of fine art editions for original art.  Also host to Detroit’s Inner State Gallery, a world-renowned exhibition space, it works with established and emerging artists throughout the globe. When I stopped by on my recent visit to Detroit, I had the opportunity to speak to 1xRUN Production Manager Brian Lacey.

Can you tell us something about your role as 1xRUN production manager? Just what does your job entail?

I am involved with every step of the printing process. I communicate with the artists, set up files for printing, retouch images, trim prints, create certificates of authenticity and I place orders with vendors.

You are an artist. Is that what attracted you to this particular space? 

Yes, as an artist I was drawn to this space. I have a background in graffiti and a degree from the College for Creative Studies, where I studied illustration and fine arts.


Has your experience as a graffiti writer impacted you?

Definitely! Graffiti is a great teacher. I learned a lot from it — on so many levels.

1xRUN collaborates with so many extraordinary artists. How do you select them? Is it a team effort?

Yes! It’s definitely a team effort. We have weekly sessions where a group of us meet to make curatorial decisions. Selections are made by the consensus of us all.


Has your position at 1xRUN presented any personal challenges?

As someone who loves working hands-on, I had to adjust to spending a lot of time in front of a computer. But it’s awesome to be able to look at art all day!

1xRUN is best-known for the first-rate prints it produces. Does it offer anything in addition to prints?

It does offer a number of original works, books and sketches.


What about the name 1xRUN?

It’s about offering limited editions of outstanding works that run for one time (1X) only.  Too many print releases can devalue an artist’s work.

I can see that. I love these images on exhibit in Tag the Jewels. Can you tell us something about this project?

It is a partnership among Run The Jewels, 1xRUN and Mass Appeal. Graffiti artists from around the world created murals celebrating the one year anniversary of Run The Jewels 2 (RTJ2). On exhibit are 20 photos of these murals spanning six continents.


 What a great concept! And what an amazing range of art on display throughout this space! 


1. Brian Lacey to the right of his artwork, T002

2. Jesse Kassel and Elmer for Tag the Jewels

3. See One for Tag the Jewels

4. Binho for Tag the Jewels

5. Frop and Muso for Tag the Jewels

Interview and photos by Lois Stavsky



A huge industrial building at 61 Jefferson Street – a short walk from the JMZ Myrtle Avenue line – has become the backdrop for a wonderful mix of vibrant public art. I recently spoke to its curator, Whisper aka Chip Love.


What an ideal space for this wonderfully diverse artwork! How did you come upon it?

My friend, Brian Sturm, introduced me to John Weiss, the president of Apple Restoration & Waterproofing. John was interested in beautifying the exterior of his business, and Brian thought I might be interested in curating such a project.


Can you tell us a bit more about Apple Gate Project Bushwick’s mission?

Its mission is to beautify the property here at 61 Jefferson with public art and to aesthetically connect to the community.


How many artists were engaged in the project?

By the time it was completed, 15 had been involved.


The art here represents such a wonderful mix of cultures. In addition to many legendary NYC-based artists, participants include: Brazilian artist Binho; Australian artist John Kaye and French artist Gorey.  How did you manage to engage such an eclectic group of talented artists?

I called my friends who then called their friends.


What particular challenges did you face in seeing the project to completion?

Challenges were limited. Because the property is a restoration company, we had everything we could possibly need at our disposal: lifts, scaffolding, ladders. John Weiss was wonderfully accommodating. And the entire exterior was power-washed before it was painted.

John Kaye-and-Spar-graffiti-street-art-Apple-Gate-Project-Bushwick-NYC

How has the response been?

There hasn’t yet been much publicity, as we’ve kept it largely undercover while we were working on it. But the word is getting out, and the response that we’ve been getting is incredible. You can check out the hashtag #AppleGateProjectBushwick on Instagram.


What’s ahead for you?

Continuing my art, connecting with like-minded people and building more projects like this one!

noxer-street-art-whisper-John-Weiss-Apple Gate Project-Bushwick

Images: 1. Gorey 2. Greg Lamarche aka SP.ONE 3. Bis Uno & Diego 127 4. Whisper 5. Mast; bottom side gate Noxer 6. Quik 7. John Kaye & Spar 8. Noxer & Binho 9. Noxer with Whisper standing and John Weiss of Apple Restoration and Waterproofing seated to his right

Photo credits: 1-5, 7 & 9 Lois Stavsky; 6 & 8 Tara Murray



Earlier this month, the LoMan Art Festival brought not only live art by a wonderfully diverse range of artists to Downtown Manhattan, but also a series of workshops, performances and events. And even though the festival has officially ended, mammoth murals continue to surface on our streets. Here are a few scenes from it all:

Another close-up from Buff Monster‘s huge mural


Beau Stanton at work on mammoth mural on East Third Street


 French artist Ludo in the East Village


Dain and Montreal-based artist Stikki Peaches


JCorp at the Social Sticker Club‘s installation inside the Mulberry Street lot during the festival


Ron English with assistance from Solus standing to his right


JPO and B.D. White, one of many collaborations spotted along Mulberry Street


Leon Reid,  alongside murals by Team Crash — John Matos, Ananda Nahu and Izolag — and Team BIO — Bio, Nicer and Binho — for the Secret Walls Illustration Battle


Keep posted to the StreetArtNYC Facebook page for more images of the works that have surfaced and continue to do so in Downtown Manhattan through the efforts of the LISA Project

Photo credits: 1, 3, 5, 6 & 9 Dani Reyes Mozeson; 2 & 4 Tara Murray; 7 Rey Rosa Photography / The LoMan Art Festival and 8 Lois Stavsky

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Committed to healing and transforming communities by beautifying the urban landscape, Wall\Therapy has brought dozens of magical murals to Rochester, New York. Here are a few we discovered on our brief stopover last week:

Montreal-based Omen


Italian artist Peeta


West Coast-based Troy Lovegates aka Other


Tel Aviv-based Know Hope


Rochester’s own Mr Prvrt


West Coast-based Sam Rodriguez


Brazilian artist Binho


And kicking off this Friday, July 17, is WALL\THERAPY 2015 featuring an extraordinary array of artists including NYC-based Li-Hill, Vexta and Daze. 

Photos: 1,2, 4-6 Lois Stavsky; 3 & 7  Sara C Mozeson