Centre-fuge Public Art Project — Cycle 14 with Raquel Echanique, Al Ortiz Jr, J David McKenney, Moody Mutz, Jeromy Velasco, Nether and Abiter

August 3, 2014

 "Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

Last weekend, the DOT trailer at First Street off First Avenue was — once again — transformed into a beguiling open-air gallery. Here are a few more images:

Joshua David McKenney at work

"Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

Moody Mutz, Jeromy Velasco, Nether and Abitar

"centre-fuge public art project"

 Moody Mutz at work 

"Moody Mitz"

Jeromy Velasco and Nether

"Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

Nether at work




This cycle of the Centre-fuge Public Art Project continues through September 25, 2014.

Note: The first photo features Raquel EchaniqueAl Ortiz Jr and Joshua David McKenney.

All photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson, except for Moody at work by Lois Stavsky

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