Up in Inwood with Crane, Zeso, 1port and Just WF

June 26, 2014

Zeso and Justone-graffiti-Inwood

One of Upper Manhattan’s gems is the wall on 207th Street and 10th Avenue, directly off the 207th Street stop on the 1 line. Under the direction of South Bronx native Crane, who works up in Inwood, its murals are always changing and always worth checking out. This past Monday, Crane was joined by Zeso1port — in from France — and Just WF aka Just One. Here are some more images captured that day:

Crane at work early in the evening — after a day of work

"Crane graffiti"

1port at work adding his touch to Zeso,’s mural




Just WF

"Just WF"

A source of pride to local businesses and residents, this wall is one of three in Inwood under Crane’s curatorial management.

Photos 1 and 3 by City-as-School intern Travis Hicks; photos 2, 4, and 5 by Lois Stavsky

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Jose PAUSE Carrero November 6, 2014 at 1:55 pm

I am truly impressed with this statement for expression of the field of graffiti. I have been apart of this movement since 1980 and got my name Pause Cbs in 1985. I have under taken multiple changes threw out my adventure in graff and hip hip. I also produce and record my own music, I have also been apart of that scene since 1992 when I supposedly quite bombing. I was heavy into piecing an airbrushing in Harlem on 125 with damage dash domz. I even had a shop on cypress 138 called CRAZY JEANS 1991-93, also my rapp and graffiti partner was JP.. CBS. in the midst of that I took a terrible spin in to the bronx under world for about years in and out federal and state prison all along continuing a rap label. I think my last recordings were 2010. Since then I have gone after my BA of Science in Graphic Design and Visual Arts I am a 4.00 student all the across the board and heading for my masters Because I need this black and white. So I can challenge this top scholars who decide if graffiti is art or not and if my education level peaks higher then theirs, I am to do this by my writing and art. If there is anything I can do to be apart of this movement I always have 10 cans and some skills for a piece of the action. I use all mediums of art styles with about 35 years experience I have been drawing and painting since 5 years old anything to push our movement forward from the negative state they put us in. As always good luck stay blessed. Check out some of my music free download on datpiff.com

I say all this because I am not recognized yet although I have been reppin since 85″ I can do a lot for your company and I always work with schools from college to elementary schools in an out of NYC I am not only customer I am a Silent sponsor Or I can be your personal rep for my area which now one knows your even on the market please let me know I am a college student at the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh for my BA of Science in Graphic Design and Visual Arts thank you for your time and consideration


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