KAWS in “Pass the Blame” on the Upper East Side at Galerie Perrotin and in Chelsea at Mary Boone

December 18, 2013


Few artists who began hitting walls in the 90’s have achieved the commercial success — as well as recognition from the “art world” — that Jersey City-native KAWS has.  Through Saturday, you can check out some of his newest works in two spaces here in NYC.  Pass the Blame, KAWS’s exhibit in Madison Avenue’s Galerie Perrotin is — at first glance — a collection of huge, colorful, iconic cartoon characters.  But on closer inspection, there’s an entire world within each character — from gumdrops to a range of body parts and shapes, including eyes and mouths, to characters within characters. And when seen as a whole, the figures appear to be interacting — some pointing, some glaring and, as the title suggests, passing the blame in this colorful commentary on human behavior. Here are a few more images from KAWS’s uptown exhibit:

Should I Be Attacking?


Pass the Blame


Take the Cure and Point of Disorder, on the right


And at the Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea, two huge impressive sculptural works are on view, as well:

Along the Way

KAWS sculpture

At This Time




Written by City-as-School intern Annie Loucka with Lois Stavsky; photos of KAWS’s pieces at Galerie Perrotin by Annie Loucka and Lois Stavsky; of KAWS’s sculptures at Mary Boone by Dani Reyes Mozeson

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