A Visual Feast at 5Pointz: Mr. Blob, Monsieur Plume, Zmogk, Meres, Spud, Zimad & more

March 11, 2013

Even during the winter months, artists from across the globe make their way to Long Island City’s 5Pointz. Here’s a small sampling of what can be seen on the walls of the world’s Mecca of aerosol art:

Italian artist Mr. Blob 

Mr. Blob

French artist Monsieur Plume 

Mathieu Plume RC

From Hamburg, Germany


Moscow-based Zmogk

Zmogk graffiti

And this past weekend, the 5Pointz indoor gallery featured “From Bricks to Blades” as part of Armory Art Week. Here’s a sampling from the exhibit that is set to travel to Europe.

5Pointz founder, curator and artist Meres One


Spud from Toronto


And Zimad of the TD4 crew — on a more subtle note


Photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

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