NYC’s Stylish Trucks & Vans – from the Whimsical to the Wild, Part V: Sevor & Ideal, Cinik, Ski & Optimo Primo, Staino, Noxer & 3ess, Roda, Repo and Toper/Smart Crew

December 28, 2012

This is the fifth in a series of ongoing posts featuring the diverse range of stylish trucks and vans that strike NYC streets:

Sevor and Ideal

"Sevor and Ideal"



Ski and Optimo Primo

Ski and Optimo Primo


Staino graffiti

Noxer and 3ess

Noxer and 3ess graffiti


Roda graffiti


Repo graffiti

Toper/Smart Crew

Toper of Smart Crew

 Photos by Lenny Collado, Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

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