NYC’s Stylish Trucks & Vans – from the Whimsical to the Wild, Part IV: Noxer & 3ess, Gano, Wen One, Deceve, Sebs, ND’A & See One and Stem

October 31, 2012

This is the fourth in a series of ongoing posts featuring the diverse range of stylish trucks and vans that strike NYC streets:

Noxer and 3ess in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Noxer and 3ess graffiti"

Gano in Manhattan

"Gano graffiti"

Wen One in Manhattan

"Wen One graffiti"

 Deceve of Smart Crew

"Deceve graffiti"

Sebs in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Sebs graffiti"

ND’A and See One in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"ND'A and See One"

See One close-up

"See One graffiti"

 Stem in Manhattan

"Stem graffiti"

Photos of Noxer & 3ess and ND’A close-up by Lois Stavsky; Gano, Wen One, NDA & See One by Dani Mozeson; Deceve by Lenny Collado; Sebs by City-as-School intern Damien Kelly and Stem by Sara Mozeson

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