Girls on Walls in NYC, Part lI: Cake, Cern, Dain, Jim Avignon, Never & Eras, NohJColey and Swoon

February 21, 2012

More images of girls — and women — who grace the walls of New York City:

CakeĀ in Red Hook, Brooklyn

"Cake street art in Red Hook, Brooiklyn"

Cern in the South Bronx

"Cern street art on Bronx store shutter"

Dain in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

"Dain street art in Brooklyn"

Jim Avignon in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Jim Avignon mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn"

Never & Eras in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"Never & Eras mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn"

NohJColey in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"NohJColey paste-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

Swoon in Gowanus, Brooklyn

"Swoon street art in Gowanus, Brooklyn"

Photos by Street Art NYC, Dani Mozeson & Tara Murray


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