Today, Saturday, June 9th, marks the ninth anniversary of the extraordinary community-driven Welling Court Mural Project, conceived and curated  by Ad Hoc Art. While visiting yesterday, travel and street photographer Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad captured several artists at work, as well as a few completed murals. Pictured above is the wonderfully talented Queen Andrea at work. Several more images follow:

John “Crash”  Matos — posing in front of his mural, based on a painting of his from 1980


Joel Artista and Marc Evan at work on collaborative wall with Chris Soria

Netherlands-based Michel Velt at work

Cey Adams

KingBee at work

Peat Wollaeger aka Eyez

Herb Smith aka Veng, RWK, alongside his mural

Celebrate the launch of this model community-based mural project from 12pm – 8pm today at 11-98 Welling Court in Astoria, Queens. Check here for directions.

Photos by Karin du Maire


Just a few minutes from downtown Manhattan, Jersey City’s Freshly Baked Gallery showcases prints and original artworks by an outstanding array of both local and global artists. This Saturday, its most ambitious venture yet, “Spring Theory,” will open from 3 – 8 pm. This is a small sampling of the featured artwork:

 Milan native El Gato Chimney

El Gato

Honolulu native Ekundayo


Spain’s Sebas Velasco

"Sebas Velasco"

NYC’s Herb Veng Smith


Other artists represented in this exhibit include: Ashes 57, Dulk, Enoe, Emilio FlorentineUri, Peter Taylor and Jose Mertz. And between 3:30 – and 5:30 you can expect wild floral body painting by Emilio Florentine.  Located at 383 Monmouth Street, on the corner of 2nd, Freshly Baked Gallery is a short walk from the Grove Street Path.


All images courtesy of the gallery.



Opening this evening — from 6-8pm — at Chelsea’s Galerie Protégé, a handsome space at 197 9th Avenue, is Beyond Literacy, a selection of imaginative and impressive artworks by Joseph Meloy, Enrico Oyama, Chris RWK, and Herb Smith aka Veng. Here’s a brief preview:

Joseph Meloy whose Vandal Expressionism has become an integral part of NYC’s visual landscape

"Joseph Meloy"

"Joseph Meloy"

Tokyo native Enrico Oyama, close-up


Chris, RWK, close-up

"Chris RWK"

Herb Smith aka Veng


Photos of Joseph Meloy’s and Enrico Oyama’s artwork by Lois Stavsky; of Chris RWK’s by City-as-School intern Anna Loucka and of Herb Smith’s by Joseph Meloy


A range of faces surface daily on NYC’s public spaces — from RAE’s offbeat, endearing characters to JR’s remarkable Inside Out NYC project. Here are a few:

RAE in Manhattan


Youth Waste in Brooklyn (with Werds on top left)

Youth Waste

Veng at Welling Court in Astoria, Queens


The Yok in Brooklyn

The Yok

Ewok in Bushwick


Joseph Meloy in Manhattan

Joseph Meloy in Manhattan

Aimee Cavazzi in Manhattan

Aimee Cavazzi

JR’s Inside Out NYC Project in Times Square



 Photos by Dani Mozeson, Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky


This past weekend — on one of winter’s chilliest days — we hit Bushwick, where we caught some new images and revisited others.

New from Brooklyn-based Elbow Toe with Veng‘s signature birds

Elbow Toe and Veng

Belgian artist Roa


4BurnersDasic and Rubin with Madrid-based Okuda

Dasic, Rubin and Okuda

Berst tribute to NEKST, RIP


Brooklyn-based Never


Brooklyn-based Bast


Bast, close-up

Bast close-up

Photos by Lenny Collado

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Some wonderful walls have recently surfaced in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here is a sampling:

Belgian artist Roa

"Roa street art"

"Roa street art" More after the jump!

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Although the streets of Bushwick almost always attract visiting artists, it is home to many NYC-based artists whose works surface regularly. Among these are Veng, Bast, Ewok, Never & Wane.

Veng’s signature character on Stewart Avenue off Johnson Avenue

"Veng street art in Bushwick, NYC"

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