political street art

From the playful to the political, the artworks surfacing daily on Soho’s boarded-up doors and windows delight and provoke. Featured above — in the second of our series documenting Soho’s open-air museum — is Maeve Cahill‘s tribute to the late African-American journalist Ida B. Wells, alongside alluring images by an artist identified as A V.  Several more artworks captured earlier this week follow:

NYC-based Nick C. Kirk, stencil of civil rights activist and football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick 

NYC-based Urban Russian Doll, Portrait of Breonna Taylor, the black emergency medical technician who had been shot to death in her Louisville, Kentucky home

 NYC-based Hektad

 Athens, Greece-born, NYC-based Lydia Venieri, “Say Their Names,” Portraits of African-Americans murdered by the police

NYC-based artists Tiger Mackie (L.) and Beelzebaby (R.)

Newark, NJ-based Goomba at work

Photo credits: 1-6 Lois Stavsky and 7 Ana Candelaria 


Even the pavement speaks here in NYC — with everything from intriguing images to poetic prose to political messages. Here’s a sampling:

Hunt Rodriguez in Bushwick

"Hunt Rodriguez"

stikman in Chelsea


A political statement in Williamsburg


Chris and Veng RWK in the East Village


An excerpt from The Bell Jar, the only novel penned by the acclaimed American poet and writer Sylvia Plath


Anthony Lister in Bushwick


Unidentified stencil art on Chelsea sidewalk


A reference to Gaza on the Upper West Side


And a political statement in Bushwick


Photos — 1, 2, 6-9 by Lois Stavsky; 3 – 5 by Dani Reyes Mozeson