Muha Ack

While wandering the streets of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, I’ve come upon dozens of portraits of females in a wide range of styles and media. The artwork pictured above was fashioned by the city’s celebrated veteran muralist Rami Meiri. More images of girls on walls, including several that surfaced within the past few months, follow:

Tel Aviv-based muralist and graffiti writer Arad Levy

Tel Aviv-based muralist and tattoo artist MUHA ack

Tel Aviv-based muralist and graffiti writer Dales One

Mosaic of over 50,000 beer bottle caps — collected throughout Europe — fashioned by Rinat Look Elhik

Tel Aviv-based crochet artist and yarn bomber Liza Mamali

Tel Aviv-based designer and street artist Imaginary Duck

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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Representing a huge spectrum of styles, faces seem to surface everywhere on Tel Aviv’s public spaces. The image pictured above is the work of Tel Aviv-based Boaz Sides aka UNTAY. Several more I came upon these past few days follow:

Montreal-based Adida Fallen Angel

The increasingly present Yarin Didi

Daniel Liss aka Monkey Rmg

Tel Aviv-based MUHA Ack

Tel Aviv-based Dioz, close-up from block-long wall

 Israel-based UK native Solomon Souza

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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