The Spanish city of Móstoles — just several miles from Central Madrid — is home to a wild array of stylishly striking graffiti walls. Featured above are the works of  the hugely talented Spanish photorealist and tattooist Theo Magma and the masterful Italian graffiti artist Made514. Several more images painted by members of the DMC Rock Crew, along with their guests, in honor of their 33rd Anniversary follow:

DMC Rock Crew member Soda One

DMC Rock Crew members Eloy Fernandez and Ed-Mun

DMC Rock and FX Crew member Mataone

DMC Rock Crew member Roy

 Local artist Rosk and Spanish painter David Villaécija

The Crime Kings -TCK member Tsug and local artist Andres

Photo credits: 1 Sara C Mozeson 2-7 Lois Stavsky


This is the fifth in an occasional series featuring images of males who surface on NYC public spaces:

Esteban del Valle on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Esteban del Valle

Ramiro Davaro-Comas in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"ramiro davaro comas"

Close-up from huge wall by Swoon and Groundswell youth on the Bowery and Houston


James de la Vega in East Harlem

"de la vega"

Paul Paddock in the East Village

"Paul Paddock"

Tats Cru in the East Village

"Tats Cru"

Mataone in Bushwick, Brooklyn


 Photo of Swoon by Tara Murray, of Mataone by Dani Reyes Mozeson and all others by Lois Stavsky