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Celebrating the diversity of street art and its power to transform neighborhoods, the Wide Open Walls mural festival is now underway in Sacramento, California. Continuing through August 20th, it is bringing over 40 local, national and international artists to Downtown Sacramento and beyond. Pictured above is Spanish artist Okuda. What follows are several more images captured on site by street art and travel photographer Karin du Maire:

Madrid-based Okuda, close up

Paris-based Ludo

NYC-based How & Nosm at work

Nevada City-based Miles Toland with his mural

And on view at Beatnik Studios in coordination with the festival:

Sacramento-based Shaun Burner

And local artist Bryan Valenzuela

Organized by festival founder David Sobon and Branded ArtsWide Open Walls is one of the capital’s key attractions.

Photos by Karin du Maire

Note: Hailed in a range of media from WideWalls to the Huffington Post to the New York Times, our Street Art NYC App is now available for Android devices here.

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Downtown Detroit’s hugely impressive, ten-story parking structure — known as the Z — serves as a canvas for artworks by over two dozen wonderfully talented artists.  Like the Belt, it is a collaborative venture between Bedrock and the Library Street Collective. Here are several more close-ups from huge murals that I captured last week:

UK-based Lucy McLauchlan

lucy-mclauchlan-mural-Z Detroit

Pose and Revok, MSK


Mexican artist Saner


LA-based Cyrcle


Swiss artist Smash 137


Note: The first image features a close-up from How & Nosm

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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