Chris Cycle

The following guest poet is by Lower East Side-based photographer Ana Candelaria

After two decades of attending classes at Seward Park High School — when I wasn’t hanging out in the parking lot! — I was back. I never thought I would be. This time, though, it was to hang on the rooftop with some of my favorite graffiti and street artists. Featured above is  IMOK (If Mother Only Knew) Crew member Cycle at work. Several more works that I captured this past Saturday follow:

The masterly Queen Andrea

The legendary Part One

  Veteran graffiti writer Dez aka the wildly popular DJ Kay Slay — in the early stages 

Ex-Vandals Will Power and Albertus Joseph, tribute piece to WBO Featherweight Champion, Amanda Serrano

French artist and DJ Jaek El Diablo

The masterful Mast

Photos by Lower East Side-based photographer Ana Candelaria


cycle-organic- distortions-art

Wildly inventive and meticulously crafted, CYCLE’s recent body of work, Organic Distortions, is currently on view at Chelsea’s ArtNow NY.  Here are a few more images from the exhibit:

Ant Blur, acrylics and spray paint on canvas


Bee One, acrylics and spray paint on canvas


Bee Two, acrylics and spray paint on canvas


Jag Warp, acrylics and spray paint on canvas


Deer Curve, acrylics and spray paint on canvas


The exhibit continues through February at ArtNow NY, 548 West 28th Street in Chelsea.

Photos of paintings by Dani Reyes Mozeson