"5Pointz street art & graffiti in NYC"

5Pointz, New York City’s aerosol art Mecca, officially launched its tenth season this past Saturday.  Veteran writers, newbies, break-dancers, graff lovers, hip-hop aficionados and tourists, along with curious passersby, all came together in celebration. Here are some scenes:

Native New Yorker Demer has been an active graffiti writer since the early 80’s, beginning with NYC subway trains. These days his work is featured worldwide in print, in exhibits, on movie screens and on walls. Early Saturday he was busy at 5Pointz.

"Graff writer Demer ar 5Pointz NYC"

Active on the streets of the Bronx and beyond, aerosol art master Sien aka Sien Ide collaborated with Bronx native and acclaimed artist Eric Orr, one of the first writers to incorporate symbols into graffiti and to collaborate with Keith Haring.

"Sien and Eric Orr at 5Pointz"

Break-dancers shared their talents, as well.

A number of  long-term walls, including those by the Madrid-based Ego Crew and Paris’s 2rode, also greeted visitors.

"Ego Crew @ 5Pointz"

"2rode graffiti mural at 5Pointz"

And, of course, there were new pieces by Jonathan “Meres” Cohen — under whose direction, relentless commitment and curatorial vision 5Pointz has attained international acclaim.

"Meres at 5Pointz"

Although the threat of closure looms, that didn’t seem to be on anyone’s mind on Saturday.

Photos by Lenny Collado and Dani Mozeson


Under the leadership of the indefatigable Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, Long Island City’s 5Pointz has evolved into a first-rate open-air street art museum.  Even with the threat of closure looming, its huge walls remain a canvas for artists who travel to NYC from across the globe.  Here’s a small sampling of their contributions to this mecca of aerosol art:

Beastman, Australia:

Beastman at 5Pointz in New York

Jimmy C, England:

Jimmy C street art at 5Pointz in New York

The Yok and Creepy, Australia:

The Yok and Creepy street art at 5Pointz in New York

The Ego Crew, Spain:

Ego Crew street art at 5Pointz in New York

Owen Dipppie, New Zealand:

Owen Dippie street art at 5Points in New York

Photos by Dani Mozeson