This is the second in a series of posts showcasing NYC’s stylish stickers that surface on an array of public surfaces:

Tokyo native Lady Aiko

Aiko street art

NYC-based Read

Read sticker

Harlem-born artist and curator Choice Royce

Choice Royce

Chicago-based Don’t Fret


The ubiquitous KA and MTK 

KA and MTK

Jos 1’s signature style

Jos 1 stickers

Zato’s character in one of his many poses

Zato sticker

 Photos by Lenny Collado, Dani Mozeson & Lois Stavsky



One of our favorite public spaces that features street art is Woodward Gallery’s Project Space on Eldridge Street.  The most recent work to surface is Skewville’s. It replaces KA’s and MTK’s.

"Skewville street art on the Lower East Side"

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