John Horton

While in Sacramento, California for Wide Open Walls several months ago, travel and street photogapher Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad had the opportunity to explore the city’s streets. Pictured above is her capture of a mural painted by Sacramento-based artist Anthony Padilla aka Kinetik Ideas. Several more images — largely fashioned by Sacramento-based artists — follow:

John Horton

Shaun Burner

 Waylon Horner and Shaun Burner

Rime MSK and 18ism aka Host18

Another by Anthony Padilla aka Kinetik Ideas

Photos by Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad


The Wide Open Walls mural festival continues in Sacramento adding a widely diverse range of stunning murals to the city’s downtown and beyond. Pictured above is Sacramento-based Franceska Gamez at work. What follows are several more images captured by street art and travel photographer Karin du Maire:

Local artists Franceska Gamez and Shaun Burner at work

Venice, California-based Christina Angelina does Lady Gaga

Local artist John Horton, close-up

Italian artist Jorit Agoch at work

U.K.-based Phlegm at work

And local artist Raphael Delgado on exhibit at Beatnik Studios

Organized by festival founder David Sobon and Branded Arts, the Wide Open Walls mural festival continues in Downtown Sacramento through August 20th.

Photos by Karin du Maire

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